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    10 Best Toner Shampoos 30 August 2016

    Do you want to maintain your hair color? Would you like to know how you can safeguard your hair from getting damaged? Then here are some toning shampoos you should be using. 1. Nexxus Aloxxi Platinum Pro – Colour Toning...

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    Growing hari for woman, , 3 mantra for your hair to grow right, Shampoos

    3 mantra for your Hair to grow right. 29 June 2012

    And those are Aamla, Shikaakay and Reetha. we find them on shampoos as well. but, how to make the adequate use of these, for a better hair growth. If u have alll of these in powdered form, then what u...

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    selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithion, anti dandruff shampoos, Shampoos

    Anti-Dandruff shampoos 23 March 2013

    If you are suffering from minor topical diseases that are fungal in nature, there is an easy way to steer clear of them or prevent them from worsening. Use anti-dandruff shampoos. Anti-Dandruff shampoos mostly have Zinc Pyrithion or Selenium Sulfide...

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    Too much of akin/scalp dryness 22 February 2013

    Are you facing too much of skin dryness? Irrespective of using best of shampoos, does your scalp is porn to dandruff? It is not just your life style, beauty care routine and eating habits that count but also a simple...

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