• NTR and Prashanth Neel delayed, NTR and Prashanth Neel delayed, ntr and prashanth neel film delayed, Prabhas

    NTR and Prashanth Neel Film Delayed? 20 January 2024

    NTR and Prashanth Neel Film Delayed?:- As per the current situation, Prabhas is eager to begin filming the sequel to "Salaar" within this year. Prashanth Neel, the director, is currently focused on developing the script for the sequel and plans...

    Keywords: Salaar 2, NTR and Prashanth Neel film, NTR and Prashanth Neel film, NTR and Prashanth Neel delayed

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    Sanjay Dutt Maruthi film, Sanjay Dutt breaking news, sanjay dutt s surprise in prabhas next, Prabhas

    Sanjay Dutt's surprise in Prabhas' Next? 08 December 2023

    Sanjay Dutt's surprise in Prabhas' Next?:- As we previously mentioned, the films KGF 2 and Leo catapulted Sanjay Dutt into the spotlight as a beloved and in-demand character artist for filmmakers in the south. The next project to feature this...

    Keywords: Sanjay Dutt news, Sanjay Dutt news, Sanjay Dutt Telugu, Sanjay Dutt Prabhas film

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    Shobu Yarlagadda, Chamundeshwari Celebrity Wax Museum - Mysore, prabhas wax statue to be removed, Prabhas

    Prabhas Wax Statue To Be Removed 28 September 2023

    Prabhas Wax Statue To Be Removed:- Rebelstar Prabhas’ wax statue row comes to an end. Chamundeshwari Celebrity Wax Museum in Mysore has landed in controversy after a fan posted a wax statue image of Prabhas on his social media. The...

    Keywords: Prabhas' wax statue at Mysore museum, Chamundeshwari Celebrity Wax Museum - Prabhas statue, Prabhas' wax statue at Mysore museum, Shobu Yarlagadda

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    Salaar Telugu Movie Review, Salaar Movie Review and Rating, salaar movie review rating story cast crew, Prabhas

    Salaar Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast & Crew 22 December 2023

    Unaware of the impending danger to her life, Aadya arrives in India only to be saved by Devaratha, a simple man residing with his mother in a remote region of Assam. Meanwhile, a pursuit ensues as a group of individuals,...

    Keywords: Salaar Review, Salaar Telugu Movie Review, Salaar Review, Salaar movie Cast and Crew

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    Bujji vehicle, Bujji pictures from Kalki 2898 AD, prabhas introduces bujji from kalki 2898 ad, Prabhas

    Prabhas introduces Bujji from Kalki 2898 AD 23 May 2024

    Prabhas introduces Bujji from Kalki 2898 AD:- Prabha fans, rejoice! The makers of Kalki 2898 AD have released an update about the film in the form of the latest teaser. The teaser is dedicated to Bujji, one of Prabhas' closest...

    Keywords: Kalki 2898 AD updates, Bujji Kalki 2898 AD, Kalki 2898 AD teaser, Kalki 2898 AD news

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    Hombale Films Salaar, Salaar update, official salaar postponed, Prabhas

    Official: Salaar Postponed 13 September 2023

    Official: Salaar Postponed:- Prabhas’ Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire is now officially postponed. Salaar Part 1 was scheduled for September 28th release earlier. But, due to the delay in the final touches, the film's release has been postponed. Makers in their...

    Keywords: Prabhas salaar, Salaar, Salaar update, Hombale Films Salaar

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    Prabhas Salaar news, Prabhas, salaar release a golden opportunity missed, Prabhas

    Salaar Release: A Golden Opportunity Missed 04 September 2023

    Salaar Release: A Golden Opportunity Missed:- Salaar is one of the most awaited films and the film was slated for September 28th release. But the film's release is pushed and there are number of speculations going on about the postponement....

    Keywords: Salaar clarity, Salaar November release, Salaar release, Prashanth Neel

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    Salaar, Salaar Action Trailer updates, salaar action trailer is out, Prabhas

    Salaar Action Trailer is Out 19 December 2023

    Salaar Action Trailer is Out:- With a gripping teaser that left fans on the edge of their seats, the excitement for Prabhas' upcoming film Salaar: Part 1 - Ceasefire has skyrocketed. The film's new action trailer, titled 'The Final Punch,'...

    Keywords: Salaar Action Trailer talk, Salaar Action Trailer review, Salaar, Salaar Action Trailer review

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    Prabhas, Prabhas, mixed response for salaar trailer, Prabhas

    Mixed Response for Salaar Trailer 02 December 2023

    Mixed Response for Salaar Trailer:- Salaar, set to be released in December, is highly anticipated among the upcoming films. The recently unveiled trailer has garnered mixed reactions. However, it did not meet the expectations due to its heavy emphasis on...

    Keywords: Salaar Trailer negative response, Hombale Films, Salaar Trailer negative response, Prashanth Neel

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    Deepika Padukone, Kalki 2898 AD business, new release date of kalki 2898 ad, Prabhas

    New Release Date of Kalki 2898 AD 27 April 2024

    New Release Date of Kalki 2898 AD:- Surprising fans after multiple delays, the creators of Superstar Prabhas' latest film "Kalki 2898 AD" have announced a new release date. Despite the cancellation of the previously set date of May 9th due...

    Keywords: Kalki 2898 AD business, Nag Ashwin, Amitabh Bachchan, Kalki 2898 AD non-theatrical business

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    Prashanth Neel, Prabhas for Salaar, prabhas says no to salaar promotions, Prabhas

    Prabhas says no to Salaar Promotions 12 December 2023

    Prabhas says no to Salaar Promotions:- With its release just around the corner on December 22nd, Salaar is gearing up for its much-anticipated arrival on the silver screen. Despite the film's immense expectations, the team has yet to commence its...

    Keywords: Prabhas for Salaar, Prashanth Neel, Salaar business, Salaar news

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    Salaar in March, Salaar new release date, fresh rumors on prabhas salaar, Prabhas

    Fresh rumors on Prabhas' Salaar 03 November 2023

    Fresh rumors on Prabhas' Salaar:- Pan-Indian star Prabhas' upcoming film Salaar has been postponed from September 28th and after a long delay, the team announced that the film will be released on December 22nd. With less than 50 days for...

    Keywords: Salaar updates, Salaar release date, Salaar trailer, Shruti Haasan

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    Ashwini Dutt protests Jagan, Ashwini Dutt, ashwini dutt stands with chandrababu naidu, Prabhas

    Ashwini Dutt Stands With Chandrababu Naidu 14 September 2023

    Ashwini Dutt Stands With Chandrababu Naidu:- Producer Ashwini Dutt turned out to be the first person from the Tollywood industry besides the Nandamuri family to stand with Chandrababu Naidu. Ashwini Dutt said that it's very unfortunate that a great legendary...

    Keywords: Prabhas Kalki 2898 AD movie, Ashwini Dutt news, Ashwini Dutt, Ashwini Dutt

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    Prabhas Instagram hacked, Prashanth Neel, prabhas instagram hacked or deactivated, Prabhas

    Prabhas Instagram: Hacked or Deactivated? 16 October 2023

    Prabhas Instagram: Hacked or Deactivated?:- Pan-Indian Star Prabhas fans are left in shock after his Instagram account got disappeared. His fans have been speculating that it was hacked while there are discussions that the actor has deactivated his account. With...

    Keywords: Prabhas Instagram latest updates, Prabhas Instagram news, Prabhas Instagram new updates, Prabhas Instagram news

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    Hombale Films, Salaar runtime, runtime locked for prabhas salaar, Prabhas

    Runtime locked for Prabhas' Salaar 09 December 2023

    Runtime locked for Prabhas' Salaar:- Prabhas is gearing up for his next venture, Salaar, a thrilling action-packed film helmed by Prashanth Neel. Following the completion of all the necessary censor formalities, the film's final runtime has been confirmed to be...

    Keywords: Prabhas, Salaar breaking news, Salaar business, Prashanth Neel

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    Shruti Haasan news, Shruti Haasan, shruti haasan hiked her fee, Prabhas

    Shruti Haasan Hiked Her Fee? 28 August 2023

    Shruti Haasan is the most talented actress. She turned as a lucky charm after delivering hat trick films with Krack, Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy. Currently, the actress is charging Rs 2 Cr to Rs 2.25 Cr as remuneration....

    Keywords: Shruti Haasan upcoming movies, Shruti Haasan news, Shruti Haasan fee, Shruti Haasan fee

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    Kalki 2898 AD news, Kalki 2898 AD business, kalki 2898 ad to release in june, Prabhas

    Kalki 2898 AD to release in June? 10 April 2024

    Kalki 2898 AD to release in June?:- Prabhas is gearing up for his new film Kalki 2898 AD directed by renowned director Nag Aswin of Mahanati fame. Although the original plan was for the film to be released in theaters...

    Keywords: Kalki 2898 AD business, Kalki 2898 AD, Kalki 2898 AD new release date, Kalki 2898 AD release plans

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    Kiara Advani movies, Kiara Advani Salaar 2, kiara advani in salaar 2, Prabhas

    Kiara Advani in Salaar 2? 25 April 2024

    Kiara Advani in Salaar 2?:- Kiara Advani is undoubtedly one of India's greatest actresses. She has always impressed everyone with her acting skills. If reports are to be believed, Kiara is likely to join the cast of Prabhas' 'Salaar 2'...

    Keywords: Kiara Advani paycheque, Kiara Advani movies, Kiara Advani, Kiara Advani upcoming movies

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    Salaar, Prabhas  salaar news, mixed reactions to salaar new release strategy, Prabhas

    Mixed Reactions to Salaar new Release Strategy 27 September 2023

    Mixed Reactions to Salaar new Release Strategy:- A bunch of films have been announced for Christmas release in Telugu. Nani's Hi Nanna, Venkatesh's Saindhav and Nithiin's Extra Ordinary Man are in the race. Now, Prabhas' Salaar is releasing on December...

    Keywords: Salaar release date, Christmas release movies, Salaar, Prabhas salaar news

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    Prashanth Neel, Prithviraj Sukumaran, latest updates of salaar 2, Prabhas

    Latest updates of Salaar 2 02 May 2024

    Latest updates of Salaar 2:- The much-awaited sequel to Salaar: Part 1 - Armistice is set to begin shooting soon. Releasing in December 2023, the film marked the first collaboration between Prabhas and Prashanth Neel. True to its title, the...

    Keywords: Salaar 2 shooting news, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Prabhas, Salaar 2 shoot

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