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  • Poonam Pandey ice bucket challenge, Sunny Leone, poonam pandey ice bucket challenge, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey ice bucket challenge 27 August 2014

    The ALS ice bucket challenge has taken the web by storm and every celebrity is taking part in this challenge and posting their videos in YouTube. Adult star Sunny Leone also took up the ice bucket challenge and nominated pop...

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    poonam pandey on twitter, flamboyant poonam excited for nasha, flamboyant poonam excited for nasha, Poonam pandey

    Flamboyant Poonam excited for Nasha 22 July 2013

    Poonam Pandey's debut film Nasha is steady to hit the theatres on July 26. The bombshell debatable queen has already established quite a flamboyant mood about the movie. Beginning from the leaked shower scene video to her bare back photo...

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    Poonam Pandey comments, Nasha release, nasha for audiences this friday, Poonam pandey

    Nasha for audiences this Friday 22 July 2013

    Poonam Pandey was in Hyderabad on Sunday to remind Telugu audiences that her film Nasha is going to release soon. On 26th July, whether you like her or not, it's hard to ignore her. The film is a story of...

    Keywords: Amit Saxena, Nasha movies, bold Poonam Pandey, Poonam Pandey Sunny leone

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    viral videos, Poonam Pandey Yoga video, poonam pandey s new yoga video, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey’s new Yoga video 03 September 2015

    How can one simply forget Poonam Pandey’s Yoga video? The ‘ART’ lovers will memorize it smiling and the other ones memorize it to show their aggressiveness. Positive or negative, Poonam Pandey Yoga video will always stay in the hearts. {youtube}2xDxoIDKDlI|620|400|1{/youtube}...

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    , Jism, poonam pandey has better acting skills than bips, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey has better acting skills than Bips 17 December 2012

    Amit Saxena made a few debatable comments recently after he said that Poonam Pandey was far better than Bipasha Basu when it came to talent in acting. The Jism director in 2003 worked with Bipasha Basu and knows clearly well...

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    Poonam Pandey romancing 16 year old, Poonam Pandey posters, poonam pandey has no limits, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey has no limits 13 July 2013

    Controversial Poonam Pandey has a new release coming up. Titled 'Nasha' the movie is very much what its name suggests. Poonam has been in the news constantly for her indecent exposure in the virtual world. She tried to catch attention...

    Keywords: Poonam Pandey film, Nasha movie, Poonam Pandey has no limits, Nasha poster

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    poonam pandey strips, poonam pandey nude, poonam pandey to strip again, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey to strip again! 03 April 2013

    Poonam Pandey in a recent interview has sparked some interest in the youth again after admitting that she has no inhibitions about going nude again, if that is what her fans want. She shot to fame last year after she...

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    hot nasha poster, filmmaker amit saxena, poonam s erotica in a new poster launch, Poonam pandey

    Poonam's Erotica in a New Poster Launch! 10 July 2013

    Excitingly appealing Poonam Pandey is showcasing much beyond radiating sexuality in the poster of her erotic debut Nasha. On the other hand we experience Ms Hotty Poonam in her highest degree of temperatures and nothing to mention as to how?...

    Keywords: erotic debut nasha, poonam's erotica in a new poster, film nasha trailer, erotic debut nasha

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    poonam gets bare, poonam pandey nude, bombshell poonam gets voluptuous, Poonam pandey

    Bombshell Poonam gets voluptuous 17 July 2013

    Bombshell star Poonam Pandey can go to the highest degree to agitating glamor accompanied by hotness. At the moment the hottie queen of controversy does it by wearing nothing yet a teeny-weeny strip in her debut movie Nasha. When Poonam...

    Keywords: bombshell poonam gets voluptuous, poonam pandey's new film, poonam pandey new photo, poonam pandey new photo

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    bollywood bold actress, poonam pandey nasha, poonam pandey desires beyond boldness, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey desires beyond boldness! 01 July 2013

    Poonam Pandey a prominently controversial model-turned-actress, known for her unthinkable photographs at the same time statements, resolves that she is not just inclined towards  bold roles as she wants to do much beyond. The actress has gone over 'bold' in...

    Keywords: poonam pandey nasha, bollywood celebrity news, poonam pandey desires beyond boldness, thrillingly beautiful actress

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    Poonam Pandey Facebook page, Poonam Pandey Facebook page, bombshell s facebook page deactivated, Poonam pandey

    Bombshell's Facebook page deactivated 28 August 2014

    Facebook has deactivated bombshell Poonam Pandey's official page without serving any notice or prior information. The reasons still are yet to be known while the 'Nasha' actress is seriously upset with this. “Really Sad that my Official @facebook Page got...

    Keywords: Poonam Pandey Twitter account, Poonam Pandey Twitter, Poonam Pandey Twitter, Poonam Pandey

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    Bollywood gossips, Poonam Pandey, poonam pandey files 100 crore defamation suit, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey files 100 crore defamation suit 22 January 2016

    After a national media house published a news saying, Poonam Pandey underwent an abortion at a Mumbai hospital, the actress, who could not take this, filed the defamation suit against the media house. Poonam Pandey, who got to the fame,...

    Keywords: Poonam Pandey, Bollywood gossips, Bollywood gossips, Poonam videos

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    poonam pandey nasha., valentines day, poonam pandey spreading nasha to all her fans, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey spreading Nasha to all her fans! 14 February 2013

    Poonam Pandey otherwise, fultu Mumbai gal, who is making her Bollywood debut with 'Nasha', has decided to spread the Nasha to all her fans which as a matter of fact remained the best time on Valentines day. Moreover, while a...

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    Poonam Pandey Telugu film, Poonam Pandey Telugu film, achieved through controversy poonam, Poonam pandey

    Achieved through Controversy: Poonam 31 December 2014

    The very sensational model turned actress Poonam Pandey said she achieved whatever she needed through controversy and currently she don't need anything sort of . The bombshell was in Hyderabad for the music launch of her first Telugu film 'Malini...

    Keywords: Poonam Pandey, Poonam Pandey, Malini & Co, Poonam Pandey

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    Nasha posters, Poonam Pandey pictures, poonam pandey tries to win over hyderabad, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey tries to win over Hyderabad 22 July 2013

    A very seductive Poonam Pandey has tried her luck with the city's audiences when she was at Hyderabad to promote her upcoming film 'Nasha'. Poonam has bared it all for her film and is making waves for the explicit content....

    Keywords: Poonam Pandey comments, Poonam Pandey Nasha, Poonam Pandey in Hyderabad, sunny leone

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    Poonam Pandey videos, Poonam Pandey Do the Rex, poonam pandey does her own do the rex, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey does her own 'Do the Rex' 28 April 2014

    Seductive bombshell Poonam Pandey once again flaunted all her assets. The Nasha actress posted a video of her last Friday which was inspired by the Ranveer Singh’s ‘Do the rex’ video. {youtube}GMf3reXc6xk|620|400|1{/youtube} Poonam wore a golden bra with shrug and...

    Keywords: Poonam Pandey hot, Poonam Pandey, Entertainment News, Bollywood News

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    curves, pics, poonam pandey flaunts her curves, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey Flaunts her Curves 19 October 2016

    Bollywood starlet Poonam Pandey attended the muhurat of a film in Hyderabad. The actress looked smokin' hot in red. In a recent interview, Poonam Pandey even revealed her fondness for Allu Arjun. Talking about the Sarainodu actor she said that...

    Keywords: pics, actress, Poonam Pandey, curves

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    Poonam Pandey, marital status, poonam pandey declares married, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey Declares Married 20 June 2013

    Poonam Pandey who is keen on getting into lime light in the show business doesn't want to conceal anything it seems- neither physical nor privacies.   It is up to the Censor Board to decide what to be left and what...

    Keywords: marital status, Bollywood Actress Poonam Pandey, Poonam Pandey, Poonam Pandey on twitter

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    Mumbai Police, Hot Buzz, poonam provoked cop to rape, Poonam pandey

    Poonam provoked cop to rape? 01 August 2014

    The sensational rape case of 26 year old Mumbai based model took a major twist as bomb shell Poonam Pandey's name has popped out suddenly. The model victim reportedly told the police in the investigation that deputy inspector general [DIG...

    Keywords: Mumbai Police, Poonam Pandey to be questioned, Poonam Pandey to be questioned, Mumbai Crime branch police

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    Bollywood gossips, Poonam Pandey, poonam pandey s new hot video, Poonam pandey

    Poonam Pandey’s new hot video 21 December 2015

    Poonam Pandey, the most searched model on google, is all set to release her another hot video, on Christmas.Poonam Pandey, who has been in the news for the several controversies in the past, stepped up to the next level of...

    Keywords: Poonam Pandey hot videos, Poonam Pandey sex videos, Poonam Pandey Christmas video, Bollywood gossips

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