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    A WhatsApp Message That Has Been Crashing IPhone And Android Users 07 May 2018

    A WhatsApp Message That Has Been Crashing IPhone And Android Users:- Several mobile users have been switching to smartphones to enjoy the services of WhatsApp and facebook. WhatsApp turned out to be the major platform for communication and here we...

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    threatening messages to wife since 10 years, threatening messages to wife since 10 years, husband threatens wife she discovers it after 10 years, Messages

    Husband threatens wife, she discovers it after 10 years 14 July 2015

    A woman from Utah in US, was shocked to know that, it was her husband, who threatened her from the past ten years through messages. According to the reports, a woman who have three children claimed that, she has been threatened...

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    , , happy friendship day 2017 wishes greetings messages to a best friend, Messages

    Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wishes Greetings Messages to a Best Friend 05 August 2017

    Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wishes Greetings: As friendship day 2017 is approaching, people are all set to celebrate a happy friendship day. Friendship day is celebrated to express love and respect for the relationship you are having with your friends. On this...

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    british teenagers, fighting over smoking controls, injurious say it louder, Messages

    Injurious? Say it louder 05 September 2013

    The fact was brought into prominence by research that the big anti-smoking messages on the front of cigarettes packets may help discourage from proceeding youngsters strongly attracted by tobacco. On the contrary, would actually have least consequence while they are...

    Keywords: fighting over smoking controls, anti-smoking messages needs prominence, fighting over smoking controls, british teenagers

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    WhatsApp, WhatsApp ban, whatsapp may be seized in india if regulations kick in, Messages

    WhatsApp May Be Seized In India If Regulations Kick In 07 February 2019

    WhatsApp May Be Seized In India If Regulations Kick In:- Some of the social media companies that are operating from India are threatening the government regulations. WhatsApp has India as one of the biggest market in the world with over...

    Keywords: WhatsApp India, WhatsApp India, WhatsApp India, WhatsApp news

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    Surgical Technology International, Text messages, continuous texting affects spine, Messages

    Continuous Texting affects Spine 19 December 2014

    These days we rarely find people without phones in their hand. Calling, texting is now part of our daily activity and about 98 percent of people will sleep with their phones by their side. Now a new study published in...

    Keywords: Surgical Technology International, Medical journals, New Your Surgeon Kenneth Hansraj, Texting

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    messages, feature, whatsapp gets new quote feature, Messages

    WhatsApp Gets New Quote Feature 11 June 2016

    Addicted to WhatsApp? So, here is a good news for you all. WhatsApp has got a new feature which enables users to quote messages for replying. The new feature is for all Android users.The users needs to tap on the...

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    WhatsApp new features, WhatsApp breaking news, whatsapp gets new animation for voice messages, Messages

    WhatsApp gets New Animation for Voice Messages 02 March 2021

    WhatsApp gets New Animation for Voice Messages:- WhatsApp Messenger is updated on iOS platform and it came with new features like an animation for voice messages and the receipts for them are disabled. The updated version is 2.21.40 and the...

    Keywords: WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp new features, WhatsApp on iOS, WhatsApp latest updates

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    Quitting, Quit Smoking Hadit, talking cigarette packets may help smokers, Messages

    Talking cigarette packets may help smokers 01 July 2013

    Smokers may soon have to listen to annoying advice from their cigarette packets to quit the habit. A group of researchers from the UK have created packaging that plays recorded messages every time it is opened. One packet suggests a...

    Keywords: Cigarette packet, Health, Cigarette packet, Cigarette packet

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    Disappearing messages, Disappearing messages new update, whatsapp to roll out disappearing messages option soon, Messages

    WhatsApp to roll out Disappearing Messages option soon 03 November 2020

    WhatsApp to roll out Disappearing Messages option soon:- WhatsApp is all set to roll out the option of disappearing messages to the users soon. The new feature was spotted in October and will let the users to make their messages...

    Keywords: WhatsApp disappearing news, WhatsApp latest news, WhatsApp new features, Disappearing messages option

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    WhatsApp emoji reactions for status, WhatsApp emoji reactions news, whatsapp rolling emoji reactions for messages, Messages

    WhatsApp rolling Emoji reactions for messages 07 May 2022

    WhatsApp rolling emoji reactions for messages:- WhatsApp is all set to roll out the emoji reaction feature for the users so that they can react to the messages with a reaction or an emoji. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the...

    Keywords: WhatsApp emoji reactions updates, WhatsApp emoji reactions breaking news, WhatsApp emoji reactions new update, WhatsApp emoji reactions

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    Jayalalithaa, Jayalalithaa, chief minister jayalalithaa hospitalized recovers well, Messages

    Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Hospitalized, Recovers Well 24 September 2016

    Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa, was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai late on Thursday night. Doctors said that the CM is doing fine and she was taking “normal diet”. Ms Jayalalithaa, 68, was admitted to Apollo Hospitals on Greams...

    Keywords: Chennai, Hospitalized, Chennai, Hospitalized

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    Kriti Sanon Instagram, Kriti Sanon, kriti sanon s message for sushant singh rajput will move you, Messages

    Kriti Sanon's Message For Sushant Singh Rajput Will Move You 16 June 2020

    Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has been battling depression from the six months and he hanged himself in his Mumbai's Bandra residence on Sunday. The entire Bollywood film fraternity is left in shock with the bad news. Actress Kriti Sanon...

    Keywords: Sushant Singh Rajput death, Kriti Sanon twitter, Kriti Sanon twitter, Kriti Sanon twitter

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    Ratha Saptami 2021, Ratha Saptami 2021 latest news, ratha saptami 2021 significance and a message, Messages

    Ratha Saptami 2021: Significance and a Message 19 February 2021

    Ratha Saptami 2021: Significance and a Message:- February 19th this year is celebrated as Ratha Saptami which is dedicated to Lord Surya. The festival falls on Saptami tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Magha which changes every year...

    Keywords: Ratha Saptami 2021 breaking news, Ratha Saptami 2021 news, Ratha Saptami 2021 new updates, Ratha Saptami 2021

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    Facebook next, Facebook hoax message, how to know if your facebook account is hacked, Messages

    How To Know If Your Facebook Account Is Hacked 09 October 2018

    How To Know If Your Facebook Account Is Hacked:- Facebook users have been getting hoax messages about their accounts which has been creating panic among them. This came after a week after Facebook admitted that there is a security breach...

    Keywords: Facebook next, Facebook new, Facebook hoax message, Facebook hoax message

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    WhatsApp news, WhatsApp next, whatsapp rolls out limit for forward message for indian users, Messages

    WhatsApp Rolls Out Limit For Forward Message For Indian Users 09 August 2018

    WhatsApp Rolls Out Limit For Forward Message For Indian Users:- With WhatsApp's failing to check the spread of fake and provocative content across the messaging platform, WhatsApp left the Indian users in shock after it restricted the forward messages to...

    Keywords: WhatsApp latest, WhatsApp new, WhatsApp new, WhatsApp latest

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    sun protection, Cancer Council Queensland, sms can save you from skin cancer, Messages

    SMS can save you from Skin Cancer 09 February 2015

    A new study has revealed that SMS can save your life by improving skin cancer prevention and promote sun protection. The researchers of Cancer Council Queensland and University of Queensland, have conducted this study for a period of 12 months...

    Keywords: SMS skin cancer, Skin cancer, University of Queensland, SMS skin cancer

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    Nitin, Nithin Twitter account, nitin will you offer us jaffa cakes, Messages

    Nitin, will you offer us Jaffa cakes? 17 August 2013

    Probably not! That's what Nitin would say if you ask him that question. You may be confused why Nitin should have Jaffa cakes instead of Brahmanandam. Story is, Nitin found a real cake product with that name. He can still...

    Keywords: Nitin, Nitin, Nithin Twitter updates., McVities

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    sports persons, Jayalalithaa Death, nation mourn the death of tamil nadu cm jayalalithaa, Messages

    Nation Mourn the Death of Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa 06 December 2016

    Everyone was shocked when Apollo Hospital in Chennai declared the death of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa through a press release. The social media was poured with condolence messages on Tuesday. Not only politicians but singers, actors, and spokesperson...

    Keywords: singers, Chennai, Twitter, Jayalalithaa Death

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    WhatsApp breaking news, WhatsApp breaking news, how to send messages without typing in whatsapp, Messages

    How to Send Messages without Typing in WhatsApp? 07 August 2021

    How to Send Messages without Typing in WhatsApp?:- WhatsApp is the most used communication platform across the globe and is the finest one for messaging. WhatsApp users can send a bunch of messages without typing them and you have to...

    Keywords: WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp latest updates, WhatsApp breaking updates, WhatsApp iOS

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