• Fashion And Beauty, DIY Lipstick At Home, how to make your own lipstick at home using natural materials, Lipstick

    How To Make Your Own Lipstick At Home Using Natural Materials? 28 August 2017

    How To Make Your Own Lipstick At Home Using Natural Materials?:- Are you a lipstick lover? Making lipsticks at home is not as difficult as you might imagine it to be. Not only you will cut down costs, but you...

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    shade of lipstick, thin lips, perfect lip color for a perfect skin tone, Lipstick

    Perfect lip color for a perfect skin tone! 15 November 2012

    Choosing the right lip color isn't as simple as it might seem. We've all seen someone wearing the wrong shade of lipstick and, chances are, at some point or another we were that person. The two most important factors to...

    Keywords: tips for women, shade of lipstick, shade of lipstick, lipstick

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    Fashion And Beauty, Top Five Liquid Lipsticks, the top five liquid lipsticks that every woman needs in her kitty, Lipstick

    The Top Five Liquid Lipsticks That Every Woman Needs In Her Kitty 24 October 2017

    The Top Five Liquid Lipsticks That Every Woman Needs In Her Kitty:- Do you all know that a shade of lipstick can actually lift your mood? A great lipstick can not only lift your mood, but will also help you...

    Keywords: Different Liquid Lipsticks To Try For Women, Top Five Liquid Lipsticks, Liquid Lipsticks, Fashion And Beauty

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    makeup on the go, makeup on the go, find your pretty side instantly, Lipstick

    Find your pretty side, instantly 17 October 2013

    There are days when you just cannot bring yourself to go through the entire grind of putting on makeup. Still, you do not want to step out of the house looking dull. For the busy bees who want to prettify...

    Keywords: makeup on the go, Quick makeup tips, instant pretty look, Quick makeup tips

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    various lip colors, various lip colors, color your lips right, Lipstick

    Color your lips ‘right’! 26 March 2012

    Lip colors have become essentials for us, just like our moisturizer, before we step out of the house… but, even today, most of us end up in a dilemma as to what lip color would suit out lips and enhance...

    Keywords: tips for lipstick, Color your lip, various lip colors, Color your lip

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    breaks on lips, lip balm, make your smile beautiful, Lipstick

    Make your smile beautiful! 20 November 2012

    By now, you probably know that lip balm can be addicting-not like how crack is addicting, although I'm sure someone's figured out a way to freebase Burt's Bees-due to ingredients that actually dry your lips out in the long run....

    Keywords: beauty tips, licking lips, chapped lips, licking lips

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    eye makeup, lipstick, prep yourself for a new year party, Lipstick

    Prep yourself for a New year party 31 December 2012

    A perfect make up... hair style that suits your personality… no use without a perfect dress teaming up your beauty... rather than investing on anything else, invest on a perfect dress. If you are not able to choose the color,...

    Keywords: hairstyle, hair washed, eye makeup, make up tips

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    dark complexion, red lipstick, flaunt luscious red lips, Lipstick

    Flaunt luscious red lips 08 January 2014

    What do Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, and Taylor Swift have in common? Their signature red pout. Gloss, colored chapsticks and nude lipsticks are so passe! It's seriously the time to go foxy with full-strength red on your mouth. Daring, luscious...

    Keywords: Flaunt luscious red lips, beauty, Beauty News, dark complexion

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    Beauty conscious monkey, Beauty conscious monkey, video why should girls have all the makeup, Lipstick

    Video: Why should girls have all the makeup? 30 May 2015

    “Why should boys have all the fun?”, when this tag was announced by ‘Hero’ company to promote their new bike called ‘Pleasure’, maybe many boys might have gotten hurt. Even then, they could not get a chance to take a...

    Keywords: Lipstick, Monkey makeover, Lipstick, Beauty conscious monkey

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    Entertainment news, Lipstick Under My Burkha cast and crew, lipstick under my burkha hindi movie review rating story, Lipstick

    Lipstick Under My Burkha Hindi Movie Review Rating Story 21 July 2017

    Shireen (Konkona Sensharma) works as a sales girl and her husband stays in Dubai. Whenever he returns back to the country, she is forced to have passionless sex. Leela (Aahana Kumra) is a beautician who is forced to marry after...

    Keywords: Lipstick Under My Burkha public talk, Lipstick Under My Burkha songs, Lipstick Under My Burkha cast and crew, Entertainment news

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    Lipstick matching, Lipstick costumes, how to apply lipstick like a pro, Lipstick

    How to Apply Lipstick like a Pro 15 September 2020

    How to Apply Lipstick like a Pro:- Lipstick is hard and it may not suit everyone. Sometimes we feel that it we have over lipstick and the other time it may not match the situation or suit your costume. Here...

    Keywords: Lipstick matching, Lipstick skin tone, Lipstick costumes, Lipstick colors

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    colorful lipstick, lipstick colors, choosing a lip color, Lipstick

    Choosing a lip color 17 February 2012

    N number of brands, n number of colors that we can choose among, in short the ideology of choosing a lip color has been increased to the core. But, even today, choosing a lip color that is suitable to our...

    Keywords: colorful lipstick, lipstick colors, colorful lipstick, lipstick colors

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    use your lipstick properly, Sindoor Stick, 5 unusual makeup tricks using lipsticks, Lipstick

    5 Unusual Makeup Tricks Using Lipsticks 17 September 2012

    A lipstick as a makeup cosmetic has a great value. You might have not realised the full potential of this makeup stick till now. Infact, a lipstick alone can be your entire makeup kit. Surprised? We'll tell you how to...

    Keywords: Bindi, use your lipstick properly, Makeshift Blusher, Proxy Eye Shadow

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    best lipsticks for rainy season, Lipsticks, lipstick rules for monsoons, Lipstick

    Lipstick rules for Monsoons 18 July 2013

    The steady rain this season plays havoc with makeup. One wouldn't want to be seen with running mascaras and foundations. But what about unsuitable lipsticks? To have pretty lips, there are some easy rules. Choose lipsticks with smudge proof and...

    Keywords: lipsticks for monsoons, Lipstick tips for Monsoons, how to apply lipstick, Lipstick rules for Monsoons

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    Lipstick Shades, Women lipstick colors., how to choose a lip color, Lipstick

    How to choose a lip color?? 30 April 2012

    Lip stick. one of our favorites among all the cosmetics we use. Some prefer sticking on to that age old brown shades when it comes to choosing their lip color… but some others prefer experimenting on new shades, sometimes even...

    Keywords: Lip color, Lip color, tips for lipstick, Women lipstick colors.

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    Communists, Chief Minister, mamata asks communists to wear lipsticks and keep quiet, Lipstick

    Mamata asks Communists to wear lipsticks and keep quiet 21 July 2015

    West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has virtually launched her 2016 state assembly poll campaign by throwing a challenge to the CPM, BJP and the Congress to come and test the ground of ‘Maa Mati Manush’ in the state, on...

    Keywords: Communists, Mamata Banerjee, Communists, Chief Minister

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    foundations, makeup expiration date, check that expiry date, Lipstick

    Check that expiry date 03 July 2013

    Make-up is one of the most common possessions in any lady's bag. Some use more, while some just leave it there for emergencies. But in their quest for better makeup, the number of items keeps piling up. What happens when...

    Keywords: make up expiry, risk from makeup, foundations, Check Expiry date

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    Lipstick, Attractive lips, what do you do for your lips, Lipstick

    What do you do for your Lips? 05 March 2012

    The lips have to be given good care for the person to be able to have wonderful features on the face. Lips are also very sensitive and any mild injury on the lips can make them become swollen up a...

    Keywords: Good looking lips, Attractive lips, lipstick shades, Attractive lips

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    Actor Nani, Actress Vani Kapoor, an intimate kiss is as easy as putting on lipstick now for heroines, Lipstick

    An Intimate Kiss Is As Easy As Putting On Lipstick Now For Heroines 23 February 2014

    The lip lock kissing scenes are now imported from Hollywood and Bollywood to Tollywood.  As the ‘situation demands’ in the movie the actors and actresses are readily coming forward to lock their lips and orally expresses their love towards each...

    Keywords: Actress Vani Kapoor, Actor Nani, Aha Kalyanam movie, Actress Vani Kapoor

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    brands, lipstick, top 7 lipstick brands, Lipstick

    Top 7 Lipstick Brands 29 September 2016

    Most of us can say that our very first cosmetic product was the much loved lipstick. We love our lipsticks so much that the color is what defines our daily mood. Since it holds so much importance in our lives,...

    Keywords: makeup, lifestyle, makeup, lipstick

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