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  • kissing tips for couples, tips to kiss your partner, first kiss made easy, Kissing tips

    First kiss made easy 19 August 2013

    Kissing can be the most intimate of experiences. For some, it is akin to the act of intercourse itself. That's the power of a good kiss. But how to kiss right? For an unforgettable kissing moment, remember these precious tips....

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    romance tips, love tips, 5 tips for a perfect first kiss, Kissing tips

    5 tips for a perfect first kiss 30 June 2015

    The first kiss. Who would be an exception to avoid it. Whatever range of romance we have in our lives, the first kiss that we give our partner always occupies a high significance. So make it memorable in such a...

    Keywords: romance tips, love tips, romance tips, love tips

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