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  • Joydip Bhattacharjee dead, Joydip Bhattacharjee dead, four year old s selfie kills his father, Iit kharagpur

    Four year old’s selfie kills his Father 28 August 2017

    Four year old’s selfie kills his Father:- IIT Kharagpur professor has been declared dead when he was in the process of saving his four and half year old son. The incident took place in a rain filled abandoned mine in...

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    chairman and ceo, IIT kharagpur alumnus, indian american develops next generation computer chip, Iit kharagpur

    Indian-American develops next-generation computer chip 09 October 2011

    Indian-American Raj Dutt, an IIT-Kharagpur alumnus, has developed a next-generation energy-efficient computer chip that has caught the attention of the Pentagon, which is testing its application in the ambitious F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. The breakthrough technology by Dutt, Chairman and...

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    Padip Bhowmik, professor's, iit kharagpur professor injures two year old in an accident, Iit kharagpur

    IIT Kharagpur Professor injures two year old in an accident 06 August 2012

    IIT Kharagpur professor Pradip Bhowmik accidentally rammed into a motorcycle which injured a 2 year old girl who was travelling along with her father near the institute on Sunday night. The girl's family had alleged that the professor was not...

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    Placements IIT Kharagpur, Career Development Centre IIT Kharagpur, iit kharagpur students hit bulls eye, Iit kharagpur

    IIT Kharagpur students hit bulls eye! 05 November 2014

    IIT Kharagpur students hit the bull eye as they are being flooded with pre-placement offers with a 20 percent increase when compared to the previous year.  As per the IIT officials, so far about 125 students are pre-placed while they...

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    fan Google CEO, IIT Kharagpur interview, sunder pichai s favorite actress is deepika padukone, Iit kharagpur

    Sunder Pichai’s Favorite Actress is Deepika Padukone 06 January 2017

    Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone as got another fan and it's none other than Sundar Pichai. On Thursday Google CEO, Sundar Pichai interacted with students of IIT Kharagpur. Pichai is also a alumni of the same college. While interacting, when asked...

    Keywords: fan Google CEO, Sunder Pichai, Deepika Padukone, Sunder Pichai

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