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  • Sourav Ganguly, Sourav Ganguly health updates, sourav ganguly to be discharged tomorrow, Heart problem

    Sourav Ganguly to be Discharged Tomorrow 30 January 2021

    Sourav Ganguly to be discharged tomorrow:- Indian ex-skipper and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has been admitted in the Apollo Hospitals in Kolkata. He is expected to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow after he underwent angioplasty for his heart-related problem....

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    Health, reduce heart Problems, rice bran oil leads to healthy heart, Heart problem

    Rice bran oil leads to healthy heart 13 December 2013

    The fast pace of life today has lead to lifestyle disorders, especially heart diseases not only among the old but even the young are increasingly getting afflicted by this disease. We cannot alter the pace of our life, but we...

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    rich lifestyle, heart diseases, saving a stroke victim, Heart problem

    Saving a Stroke Victim 08 February 2013

    Heart diseases are on the rise in every nation, the bane of the rich lifestyles. The deaths are most often because they are identified later than they should be and when primary care is not provided. To avoid such problems,...

    Keywords: daily lifestyle, heart diseases, tongue, exercises

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    Monash University, cardiovascular disease, dark chocolate prevent heart problems, Heart problem

    Dark Chocolate prevent Heart problems 05 June 2012

    According to a new study the British Medical Journal describes the confection's effectiveness at preventing cardiovascular events for people with metabolic syndrome. Two-thousand thirteen people who met the criteria for metabolic syndrome joined the ten-year study. "Dark chocolate may be...

    Keywords: health effects, Australia, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease

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