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  • tips for mackup, Beauty tips, for getting rid of a tan gifted by summer, Good dress selection

    For getting rid of a Tan gifted by summer. 18 May 2012

    Thinking of wearing a full hands blouse on a sari or a kurti to that special occasion that you have been waiting to attend and make yourself appear special, because of Tan ruling your body? Just wait for a while...

    Keywords: good dress selection, tips for mackup, good dress selection, Summer dress

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    Beautyful eyes., tips for get ready, make yourself ready everyday, Good dress selection

    Make yourself, ‘Ready’ Everyday! 18 January 2012

    Today, Make up has become as common like applying any other moisturizer. Could be because of our work life or could be the changing ideas, make up is no more only restricted for special occasions. But, each day it is...

    Keywords: good dress selections, beauty tips, Mackup tips, Mackup tips for beauty

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    Good dress selection, Mackup tips, for that perfect date of your s, Good dress selection

    For that perfect ‘Date’ of your’s! 27 February 2012

    Break ups, make ups, meeting special person, moving around with him, all these are on and off in our life. But, a date with a special guy at any given point of time is exciting and new. Make this more...

    Keywords: Fashion girls, Fashion girls, Dressing sense, Dressing sense

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    good dress selection, tips for love, rock this valentine s day, Good dress selection

    Rock this Valentine’s Day! 14 February 2012

    You can experiment a bit, look a bit hotter and all these are acceptable on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day. Why not use the situation to the best and dress your best today? Here are some suggestions that can...

    Keywords: Valentines Day, good dress for body type, tips for love, good dress for body type

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    Beauty tips, Beauty tips, more beauty for you, Good dress selection

    More Beauty for You! 09 February 2012

    We always want more from life and in almost whatever we do… the same is applicable to our skin and beauty care regime as well. What If I say, in this article you can find healthy ways to groom your...

    Keywords: good skin, women dress, good dress selection, mackup tips

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    good dress selection., good dress selection., which color is up for you, Good dress selection

    Which ‘Color’ is up for you? 23 January 2012

    Every aspect is being related to Psychology these days… and as a part of this; even Colors are declared to have some business with our mind set. Well, be it just the sake of reading it or you might get...

    Keywords: fashion tips for women, good dress selection., good dress selection., colorful dresses

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    hair style, hair style, understand your women, Good dress selection

    understand your women 01 December 2012

    Just as Woman want to know how a guy reacts, what he thinks, his likes and dislikes... similar in the case of guys... So guys forget about to know what women like... just know some turn offs of women in...

    Keywords: dressing, hair style, dress selection, understanding women

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    selecting Suit, selecting Suit, for a change for your guy, Good dress selection

    For a change, for your Guy! 02 March 2012

    Every day we talk about n number of features that cater to improvise our look for a better… for a change, let us think about our guy. Let us talk about how to choose the best suit fabric for him,...

    Keywords: Man Women Dress code, Beauty tips, Good dress selection, Good dress selection

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    good dress selection, good appearance, look that bags your wish, Good dress selection

    Look that bags your wish! 14 March 2012

    Be it your first Job or 10th… apart from your skill and intelligence even your appearance plays an equal or in some job profiles, even more important role. Here are some guidelines for you to dress up perfect to just...

    Keywords: Fashion tips, women dress code, women dress code, Fashion tips

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    Flat tymmy, tips for flat tummy, maintain a flat tummy, Good dress selection

    Maintain a flat tummy 28 March 2012

    Being fit is an all new story. But, maintaining a flat tummy is also a necessity. A flat tummy is bliss for us. Irrespective of our attire, be it Sari or Shalwar or even a Jeans, a flat tummy would...

    Keywords: beauty tips, tips for exercise, tips for exercise, tips for exercise

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    tips for Fashion, new trend dresses., style as per the trend, Good dress selection

    Style, as per the ‘Trend’… 25 January 2012

    Trend… a word that is ‘in’ all the time, in particular if it is associated with ‘fashion’… if you are a fashion freak or even believe being and dressing ‘trendy’ can help you in a positive way, then here are...

    Keywords: tips for Fashion, good dress selection, Mackup tips, Modern dresses

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    tips for beauty, Jeans for girls, special style of dressing, Good dress selection

    Special style of dressing… 21 January 2012

    Do you know, you can even make your week ends special with your dressing? Well, I have known the same after a bit of research. Here is the information about how to make your week ends special with that special...

    Keywords: Jeans for girls, colorful dresses., Jeans for girls, girls dress meterials

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    good dress selections, Knee skirt, dress right with no cost, Good dress selection

    Dress right with no cost! 19 April 2012

    Yes, you need not buy anything new to make yourself look new... it is all about how do you manage with all the available and varieties of clothing you already have in your wardrobe. all you need is a proper...

    Keywords: women dress code, Dressing tips, good dress selections, women dress code

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