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    Today is the worst day of the year for couples 06 January 2014

    Today, the first Monday of the year, is apparently touted as the worst day for couples. Legal experts deem the first day of the week of a year as the most popular day for divorce. Website DivorceDepot states that finances,...

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    The Best Six Financial Tips For Young Adults 11 September 2017

    The Best Six Financial Tips For Young Adults:- Personal finance management as a subject, is unfortunately not taught in many schools. But, it is something that everybody has to deal with in their lives late on. When it comes to...

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    National Food Security Bill, Indian Game-changer food plan worries analysts, indian game changer food plan worries analysts, Finances

    Indian Game-changer food plan worries analysts! 04 July 2013

    Indian ruling party expressed on Thursday that an immense new food scheme for the poor was a known to be a game-changer to combat endemic malnutrition, yet analysts expressed concern regarding the programme's implementation as well as the cost. Furthermore,...

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    Free Websites to Track Your Finances 01 October 2011

    when I left home for college a few years ago, I left with a small savings account for emergencies. I had built the fund up with years of birthday money, graduation presents and extra money from my high school job....

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