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  • April Armstrong, dermatology, selfie can cure skin problems, Dermatology

    'Selfie' can cure skin problems 28 October 2014

    A study has claimed that a 'Selfie' [taking your own picture with the help of an electronic gadget] will cure skin problems more fast than visiting a dermatologist. According to a research, selfies can help identify and cure skin problems,...

    Keywords: Selfie, dermatologist, dermatologist, dermatology

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    Laparoscopic Surgery, Cardiology, personalized medicine with customized health care well balanced at livlife, Dermatology

    Personalized medicine with customized health care well balanced at LivLife 18 April 2012

    Have you realized that obesity is itself a fatal disease on the long run, it could lead to dreaded diseases like increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, psychosocial problem as well as some forms of cancer. Being obese makes...

    Keywords: centre of excellence, expansion, Cosmetic, personalized Medicine

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    and sunglasses, Surgical Techniques, avoid sun exposure, Dermatology

    Avoid sun exposure 26 August 2010

    New innovations in skin rejuvenation continue to develop, ranging from topically applied "cosmeceuticals" to new surgical techniques. A thorough understanding of how your skin changes as you age and how the sun affects your skin can help you decide with...

    Keywords: vitamin C, SPF (sun protection factor) 15, Chemical peels, Dermatology Suggestion

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