• Face, cucumber juice, make your dark circles disappear in 7 days, Cucumber

    Make your dark circles disappear in 7 days 02 January 2014

    If you've been up after hours tuning in to the latest episode of your favorite TV show or staying up until dawn texting your special friend, your dark circles are probably laying testament to it. Lucky for you, there are...

    Keywords: Face, dark circle remedies, beauty, Tomato Juice

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    Tips for Eyes, Eyes Enthrall and Precious, eyes enthrall and precious keep them fit, Cucumber

    Eyes Enthrall and Precious- Keep Them Fit 29 June 2013

    When you talk to someone you look into the eyes of that person.  If the eyes of the other person are beautiful and expressive you can't take off your eyes.  An Expression is complete when eyes are also used as...

    Keywords: Relax the Eyes, cucumber juice, eye muscles, Caring the Eyes

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    tips for eyes, cucumber juice eyes, boundary less expression, Cucumber

    Boundary less expression... 27 November 2012

    Dark circles are a bothersome condition to most people because they spoil the beauty of your face. They are caused by many reasons such as allergies, heredity and several other factors. Whatever may be the cause, dark circles do not...

    Keywords: tips for eyes, dark circles, tips for eyes, sunglasses

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    Cucumber soup, Cucumber soup, yoghurt and cucumber soup, Cucumber

    Yoghurt and Cucumber Soup 05 June 2012

    This recipe might sound familiar to many people who have tasted Middle-Eastern cuisine. But the following recipe is an adaptation of the more classic side-dish, served in many restaurants. You can serve this very refreshing summer soup as a starter....

    Keywords: Cucumber soup, refreshing summer soup, summer soup, Cucumber soup

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    benefits of cucumber for skin, ways to use cucumber for skin care, amazing benefits of cucumber for skin, Cucumber

    Amazing benefits of cucumber for skin 03 June 2015

    Cucumber is one of the commonly found vegetable which holds many health and beauty benefits. The cooling and hydrating properties make it one of the most wonderful ingredients for nourishing skin. Even most of the hair care and skin care...

    Keywords: how to use cucumber for skin, how to use cucumber for skin, ways to use cucumber for skin care, how to use cucumber for skin

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    Have tea, beat the heat, have tea cucumber sandwich to beat the heat, Cucumber

    Have tea, cucumber sandwich to beat the heat 27 August 2012

    A cup of tea with a cucumber sandwich tops the list of best foods to have during hot weather, researchers say. According to the researchers, however tempting ice creams may be, they will not work to beat the heat, the...

    Keywords: cucumber sandwich, cucumber sandwich, during hot weather, during hot weather

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    tomato, tomato, recipe cucumber and tomato salad, Cucumber

    Recipe: Cucumber and tomato salad 17 September 2012

    For the summer heat, one vegetable that works perfectly is cucumber. Known mainly as a salad accoutrement, they have a lot more benefits than being that decorative piece around the buffet spreads. The high water content and the rich nutrients...

    Keywords: , vitamins A, K and B,

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    Yummy recipe Cucumber Salad 03 October 2010

    Here's the yummy recipe winner from chef Frank Giglio. Thanks, IIN and Frank, for sharing this with us!

    Keywords: "What's on Your Plate?" contest 2010, Cucumber Salad, "What's on Your Plate?" contest 2010, Cucumber Salad

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