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    Homemade remedies for cracked heels 25 August 2012

    Cracked heels is a problem with everyone; it only 'tends' to worsen in winters and this year, which is supposedly to be the coldest, almost all of us are having cracked heels. Here's an article for all you beauties for...

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    Proper skin care in peek winter 03 January 2013

    Winter is on and the cold of the winter is not only getting into our nerves but into the pores of our skin, making our skin look aged and dry... of course, you all have your own ways of taking...

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    Cracked heels troubling you? Trouble them by curing... 19 May 2012

    Someone rightly said a complete beauty is not just a beautiful face but being beautiful from tip to toe... but yehi toh problem hai... your cracked heels, would not let you complete the basic requirement of being beautiful? Not any...

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    Dry skin, feet pads, cracked feet a hurdle for your beauty, Cracked heels

    ‘Cracked feet’… a hurdle for your beauty? 03 April 2012

    Cracked heels are a sign of lack of attention to foot care rather than just overexposure or lack of moisturizing. Medically, cracked heels are also known as heel fissures. Fissures are regular linear cut wounds and mostly affect the surface...

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