• astronauts, International Space Station, facebook chief mark zuckerberg had live chat with astronauts, Astronauts

    Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg had Live chat with astronauts 02 June 2016

    In a first of its kind, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg took the leading social network on a new journey, with a live-streamed chat with astronauts on the International Space Station. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday took time off his...

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    tracking and data relay satellite, tracking and data relay satellite, nasa launched a new communication satellite, Astronauts

    NASA launched a new communication satellite 31 January 2013

    On Thursday, NASA launched a new communication satellite to stay in touch with its space station astronauts and relay more Hubble telescope images. In fact, an unmanned Atlas V rocket blasted into the starry night sky carrying the Tracking and...

    Keywords: NASA communication satellite, communication satellite, hubble telescope, NASA

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    ISS, Kazakhstan, russian astronauts to watch euro 2012 from space, Astronauts

    Russian astronauts to watch Euro 2012 from space 14 May 2012

    The International Space Station gave an interesting message to the world. The Russian astronauts abroad ISS are all set to woo their football teams at the football championship from the space. They will be watching Euro 2012 football championship and...

    Keywords: International Space Centre, Russian Astronauts, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan

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    SpaceX Capsule budget, SpaceX Capsule, spacex capsule with nasa astronauts returns to earth, Astronauts

    SpaceX Capsule With NASA Astronauts Returns To Earth 03 August 2020

    SpaceX Capsule With NASA Astronauts Returns To Earth:- The first crewed spaceship of USA which is in the International Space Station for a decade returned back safely to the earth on Sunday and it splashed down in the Gulf of...

    Keywords: SpaceX Capsule budget, SpaceX Capsule launch, SpaceX Capsule, SpaceX Capsule news

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