Eyes can reveal about your Health

April 12, 2022 18:18
Eyes can reveal about your Health

Eyes can reveal about your Health:- Your eyes reveal so much about your health condition. Eyes provide a detailed insight into your health. One can detect the health complications at an early stage and can take the treatment. Here are some of the health conditions that eyes will reveal:

Cancer: Your eyes can reveal about the breast cancer in the human body. The signs of the cancer cells will appear in the eyes and this would be a sign. There would be abnormal lesions or tumours in the middle layer of the tissues that are present in the wall of the eye. It is a clear indication that the cancer cells are spread to the eyes. Eye pain, blurry vision, floaters or flashes are signs of breast cancer.

Damaged Retina: There would be little pecks moving before your vision and they are called floaters. When the number of floaters increase on a sudden note, you should not ignore it. This would cause grave damage for your eyes and always consult an eye specialist.

Diabetes: Blurry vision is associated with type 2 diabetes. The high blood sugar levels bring strain on the blood vessels and this leads to the specks of blood in the back of the eyes. It means the blood sugar levels reached a high level. If the glucose level is not treated at the right time, it leads to blindness.

Jaundice: The doctors or parents can spot jaundice by looking at the eyes. This is because the eyes turn yellow when you are suffering with jaundice. It occurs due to the excessive bilirubin.

High Cholesterol: Always keep your cholesterol level in check as they can have an impact on your eyes. There would be white, blue or gray rings around the iris of your eyes when the levels of cholesterol goes up. Get the cholesterol level tested if you find such rings in your eyes.

Infection: If you find any white spot on the cornea, it is a sign of corneal infection. People who use contact lenses instead of glasses will witness it. Contaminated lenses with fungus or bacteria can be the cause of the infection and this can lead to corneal scarring and pain.

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