Signs for Jaw Pain or a Small Heart Attack

November 01, 2021 19:50
Signs for Jaw Pain or a Small Heart Attack

Signs for Jaw Pain or a Small Heart Attack:- High cholesterol levels can lead to a heart attack or it can also narrow the arteries and blood circulation to the heart. The supply of oxygen will get disrupted. As per the American Heart Association, it can lead to heart attack and chest pain happens to be the most common symptom. The number of heart attacks has seen a huge rise in the recent months. There is no age limit bracket for heart attacks. The heart attacks can be mild or small. It is commonly called as non-ST elevation myocardial infarction or NSTEMI. This means that your heart is not much damaged and can pump the blood normally.

As per the Harvard Medical School, a silent heart attack happens when a test reveals the evidence of damage that is caused to the heart. If there is a pain in the arm or lower left area of the jaw, they are the symptoms of a normal heart attack. If you are facing fatigue or dizziness, it is clear that the blood circulation is not free and your heart has gone through a damage. It is recommended to meet a specialized doctor in such situation. If you are facing frequent shortness of breath, never neglect. Nausea is another symptom of heart attack. It is common in adults and diabetic patients. If you are having a mild chest discomfort, visit a doctor immediately.

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