Study says Alcohol may impact atrial fibrillation

May 19, 2021 17:46
Study says Alcohol may impact atrial fibrillation

Study says Alcohol may impact atrial fibrillation:- Drinking alcohol will surely impact the human body. It will have a near or immediate effect on the heart rhythm and it increases the chance for the atrial fibrillation may occur. This is as per the study conducted by the researchers at the American College of Cardiology. A glass of wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages will make greater odds that occur in the next few hours. For those having three or more drinks in a sitting, the risk of AFib is much higher and is thrice than the normal. Gregory M. Marcus, MD, cardiologist and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco said that Alcohlo is the most consumed drug of the world but most of them are not aware about what it does to the human bodies and for the hearts.

Gregory M. Marcus said that the data said that alcohol can influence the likelihood of AFib will occur in the next few hours. More the alcohol consumed, the risk is higher. AFib is said to be a a common heart rhythm disorder. There would be a lot of symptoms for this told Gregory M. Marcus. Some of them may not feel anything but others may feel shortness of the breath, fatigue, fainting spells. The treatment for AFib is also very costly. This can lead to heart failure, dementia and heart stroke if not treated at the right time. The research was conducted on 100 patients with paroxysmal or intermittent AFib. A wearable heart monitor was fitted that tracks the heart rhythm continuously.

Every participant was asked to press the heart monitor button after having alcohol. The results said that there is a higher risk for heart related diseases for all those who consumed alcohol.

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