Fresh Air is the Best to Fight Out Diseases

August 03, 2020 19:38
Fresh Air is the Best to Fight Out Diseases

Fresh Air is the Best to Fight Out Diseases:- With the arrival of coronavirus, it is mandatory to use face masks to prevent the spread of the virus. In the 19th century, a larger number of people lived and worked in airless quarters of the growing cities. Better ventilation was the best solution for several diseases in those days when the medication was not available for all the diseases. Fresh air and sunshine could counter many diseases. A doctor named Joseph Edwards in his 1882 book 'How We Ought to Live' described about having outsized doors and windows in homes that there would be large openings and he backed up the natural ways of preventing problems.

In 1901, the New York State Tenement House Act wanted the buildings in the city to have outward-facing windows so that there would be proper ventilation. After heart attack and influenza, tuberculosis remained as the third most cause for death in the world. Soon, the number of middle-class Americans went with the idea and they started spending time outdoors whenever they had time. Though there are a lot of technology-based air purifiers and others ready, the natural air is the best to heal any problem of yours. Americans now doubled their energy consumption for air conditioning. Fresh air is always the best medicine to fight most of the diseases.

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