Do this to cut CVS and keep eyes healthy

September 21, 2015 15:16
Do this to cut CVS and keep eyes healthy

Take frequent breaks from office work and blink your eyes regularly, otherwise you will be affected by Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), says the experts.

As discussed earlier, sitting in a place continuously for a number of hours, will increase the risk of heart diseases. Even, the percentage-wise chances of heart diseases, comparing with the number of hours sitting in a place, is also discussed.

However, that is not the only thing at work, that poses a risk to our health. As per the statistics, nearly 70 percent of employees, working on the computer regularly, leave the  work, complaining the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). So follow the below mentioned steps to make yourself out of the syndrome. 

Symptoms of CVS

“Firstly, you should know that, the usual rate of blinking the eyes is 18 - 20 times per minute. But while using a computer for long periods, we unknowingly blink only 4 - 7 times per minute. So, no doubt this is a drastic reduction, which can lead to cause the symptoms such as dry eyes, blurred vision, etc,” says London Vision Clinic professor Dan Reinstein.

Along with the above, other common symptoms of CVS include red eyes, eye strain, double vision, headaches and difficulty refocusing the eyes.

Tips to be away from CVS

1. Take frequent breaks from the work and move here and there, looking in different directions, other than computer screen. Do this at least for every one hour.     

2. Make sure your computer screen is clean and be conscious of blinking the eyes regularly.   

3. Angle, height and distance of the screen should be optimized well. If at all, you are in the wrong distance from the computer screen, it leads to the visual discomfort and muscle strain.

4. Here comes the  key factor, where many might not guess. ACs and fans in the office can worsen the dry-eye symptoms of CVS. So be aware of such environmental factors.

5. If you feel that your contact lenses are making the eyes dry, avoid wearing them, while using the computer. CVS is so common among the people who wear contact lenses.

6. Undergoing laser eye surgery is the best option for getting rid of contact lenses.
7. Keep drinking plenty of water to be hydrated.

8. Avoid the glare from windows and other overhead lights.

9. Ensure that your computer screen is not flickering (no steady brightness).

10. Finally, keep consulting the eye doctor regularly, to be aware of the precautions to be taken in advance before getting affected by CVS.

By Phani Ch

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