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Punch on Modi graduation cenrtificate

News: No graduation certificates to political biggies including Modi.  


Graduates: If he had known about this opportunity, we would not have tried for certificates for so many years.

By Phani


Punch to AP MPs silence on AP special status issue

News: Why AP MPs are silent on AP special status issue

Punch: Students generally study only during the exams. Not in the summer holidays or during the academic year.


Punch on Owaisi’s statement about Yakub

News: Owaisi says Yakub is being tortured, because he is Muslim

Punch: It is like

Teacher: Why did not you do your Home Work?

Student: Power cut madam.

By Phani


Punch on Congress leaders joining TRS

News: DS declares to join TRS, Jana on the way.


Students read in the history textbooks soon:

Once upon a time, there was a political party called Congress.

By Phani


Punch on Revanth Reddy bail

Teacher: What is future tense of ‘Bail to Revanth Reddy?’

Student: Threat to Chandra Shekhar Reddy

By Phanindra


Punch on Section 8

News: Telangana against Section 8


Student 1: What is section 8? Why Telangana is worried about it?

Student 2: Why you are worried that you might lose your rank, when I smile in the exam hall, the same reason applies here too.  
By Phani


Students logic about Yoga day

News: Schools open on Sunday, to celebrate Yoga day.


Students: Ok, then declare Monday as a holiday. 
By Phani


Why not kids celebrate one year schooling?

Kid: When I said, as I completed one year of schooling, let me celebrate, no one allows.

But, when the government completes one year, they celebrate it grandly.

By Phani


Logic of students studying Telangana movement in textbook

Telangana movement into textbooks
A: I hope that there should be no revolts again

B: So sweet of you

A: What sweet, I'm afraid, that they would be included in history textbooks again and be a burden for us.

by Phani


Naidu omits Pawan for this reason?

1st ranker: Why did Naidu omit Pawan in ‘Mahanadu’?

2nd ranker: Why did you omit to tell me, though you know that an answer I wrote in the exam was wrong? For the same reason, Naidu omitted Pawan.

By Phani


Logic in EAMCET 1 minute delay

I heard that students are not allowed to write EAMCET even a minute is delayed.

So I decided to skip the exam by going late and tell my dad that though I am willing to write, the invigilator did not allow me to do so.

But unfortunately, the invigilator allowed me inside.

By Phani


Secret is revealed when the results are declared

My father treats me as an Einstein, whenever I hold a book in his presence.

But the fact is known about when the results are declared that I'm not an Einstein but a great actor.

By Phani