Tablets prices to dip!

February 13, 2013 15:58
Tablets prices to dip!

Here's some good news to all those who are looking forward to purchasing smart phones. The union telecom minister Kapil Sibal asked the finance ministers of different states to re look into the taxation on various tablets and smart phones. If the finance ministers accept the request of Kapil Sibal, then mobile phones and tablets would get cheaper by at least 7.5 per cent, reported an English daily.

It was reported that mobile phones and tablets are transforming the overall development of the nation and that was the reason why Kapil Sibal asked for this reconsideration. The finance ministers are yet to respond on this. It has to be mentioned here that the taxes charged by the government on mobile phones and tablets is around 12.5 percent. So, if some taxes are reduced, the prices would dip by 7.5 per cent.

The tech observers looked at this proposal as a healthy move, which could be termed as technology revolution. So, if tablets get more cheaper then we would soon see school children holding tablets in their hands instead of slates.

(AW Phani)

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