Pilgrims Face Skin Problems after taking Holy Dip

August 22, 2016 09:54
Pilgrims Face Skin Problems after taking Holy Dip

Talks of Krishna River water being polluted are doing rounds. This is because many pilgrims who are taking holy dips in the Krishna River on the eve of Pushkaralu are complaining of skin related problems.

Most of the people are facing itching, rashes and redness of skin. These symptoms are not seen immediately but revealed later.

Senior dermatologist Dr Laxmi Shardha said, “The rashes or redness is mostly noted on fingers, hands, neck and face. It subsides on its own in 90 per cent of the cases. But in 10 per cent of cases proper treatment is required as the body is not able to fight it on its own. These infections are caused by myobacteria and vibrio bacteria in the water. People who have open cuts or wounds get infected faster and treatment is required for them.”

Another Senior dermatologist Dr A. Jain said, “During mass bathing, those with weak immune systems need to be careful as when they contract these skin infections, and if not treated properly, it spreads to the bones. If the rashes or open wounds do not heal within three to four days, patients must seek treatment. While health camps have been organized at the ghats, the skin infections manifest later. Experts state that rashes or redness is not immediate when people come out of the water.”

Senior physician Dr P.B.R. Rao said, “The infections manifest after a few hours. For some people there is constant itching. Others suffer from itching as well as rashes. They can have baths with medicated soaps. If problems do not subside in a day or two than we recommend them to visit a dermatologist.”

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