Mahesh Sharma controversial comments on night out for girls

September 19, 2015 09:50
Mahesh Sharma controversial comments on night out for girls

Union Minister Mahesh Sharma controversial comments was recently in the news and is getting viral minute to minute. In the past, he made controversial comments on Abdul Kalam, saying that, he is not a Muslim, but a nationalist. Now again he made the fresh controversial statement, about the girls.
Referring to the night out issue, Mahesh Sharma said, “Night out for girls is not our culture. Indian culture is respected across the world. In this situation, if the girls are allowed for a night out, it would destroy the culture and defames India.”

Along with the above issue, Mahesh even shared about his association with RSS. Speaking about this, he said, "Has there been any act of RSS against national interest? Then why criticize RSS? What is wrong in discussing national policy with RSS?"

Mahesh Sharma controversial comments did not end there. He even reiterated his support for meat ban in a few of the states during the Jain festival. Speaking about this, he said, "If I want to respect any community, why is it wrong to ban meat for a few days?

We are anyway not new to these bans during navratris and Roza-Iftaaris. So what is wrong in respecting sentiments of a particular community? It is a small sacrifice for just two days of the festival.”

Mahesh Sharma controversial comments on Abdul Kalam

Mahesh Sharma controversial comments created a flutter with his remark on Kalam that was seen as a slight for the minorities. "Aurangzeb Road ka naam bhi badal kar ek aise mahapurush ke naam par kiya hai jo Musalman hote hue bhi inta bada rashtravadi aur manavtavadi insaan tha (We have renamed it after someone who was a humanitarian and a nationalist despite being a Muslim)," Mahesh said on Thusrday.

With this statement, he was cornered by many opposition parities. Especially Congress party leaders called it vicious and steeped in British policy of 'divide and rule.

Responding to this, Mahesh Sharma said that, he respects Bible and Quran, as Gita and Ramayana. “Before reading the novels, I believe in reading the books, which teach the Indian values. Before the youth going to Thailand, Dubai and Singapore for gaining the wisdom, they must gain wisdom from our own museums and heritage."

Though the intention of Mahesh Sharma is positive, the words he is using to express his feelings are appearing in the negative shade, which thereby leading to the controversies. However, the response to the fresh controversy, i.e., Mahesh Sharma comments on girls night out issue, is yet to be heard.    

By Phani Ch

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