Treacherous AAP stung on sting

March 13, 2015 11:29
Treacherous AAP stung on sting

Sting after sting is exposing the dubious attitude of the much publicized clean party. The recent developments showcase AAP as worse than any other party. People were having high hope on the party and have given a historical mandate in the Delhi elections. The sting audios have brought out what exactly is happening inside AAP. It is very funny that the AAP leaders have started twisting thing according to their whims. They have termed the horse-trading done by them as political realignment, which is very funny. If the same act is done by any other party it will be termed as horse-trading and if it is done by AAP it becomes political realignment and is not a sin. The people of this country has started feeling that AAP is treacherous in doing whatever they objected in the public. The credibility of the leaders is in question. Day after day all the hallow principles are coming to the public.

In the latest revelation of an audio tape, it is allegedly heard Kejriwal saying, "If the party thinks that we field 11 Muslim candidates, then forget it. The question is not that AAP is giving 11 seats to people from the Muslim community. Muslims are looking at us in a way that if anyone can stop the Modi rath, then it is only Aam Aadmi Party." 

The AAP came out to defend Kejriwal's stand on the matter by saying that his statements showed that the party was against communal politics of giving seats to Muslims purely because of their religion.

By Premji

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