Another Midday meal tragedy

July 18, 2013 17:04
Another Midday meal tragedy

Another shocking midday meal incident when the one happened in Bihar is only two day old in which 23 children died and 60 are hospitalized and still sick.

This time it happened in Nayveli in Tamilnadu. 102 children were hospitalized today after having midday meals in the school. Children were taken to hospital in time and proper medical care is being taken but these incidents are throwing scare in the public. Today’s children’s refusal to take a meal in the Bihar school is evident that the horrifying scene they witnessed is making them scared of touching the food supplied under the Government’s scheme of Midday meal in the schools.

Schemes are always good on paper but it depends how best they are implemented. Strict monitoring and quality control is necessary when food is served to children and old as their level stamina will be low to withstand. Wherever money is involved we know what happens in most of the cases. Adulterations take place which becomes fatal for the kids. Hygiene and good quality of food should be supervised every time as a principle.

Government also asks to taste the food before serving. But it is not the taste that has to be seen. If it is tasteless it is good- it will not harm as they don’t take much. If it is tasty and poisonous then only the food intake will be more and it ensures serious problems that too for tender children in schools.


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