100 days of Modi Sarkar!

August 26, 2014 17:19
100 days of Modi Sarkar!

Narendra Modi sarkar [government] has completed its first 100 days of being in power with Monday. Unlike the slow and sluggish UPA government, Modi government took some quick decisions and ensured there is good governance. The first and foremost thing, Modi did is, aborting the Group of Minister [GoMs] which takes highest decisions. Now, every minister has to approach Prime Minister directly to take vital decisions and for legal issues Modi has set up the National Data Litigation Grid.

Every year, before the Monsoon, prices will rise which will eventually become a burdensome for the middle class and to control this price rise, Modi has conjured up a National Food Grid and this would also make sure, there won't be any price rise with the government consent. This is where the UPA government miserably failed to control the inflation too. Modi government also pushed for e-governance and now there are online environmental clearances for projects to avoid the bottleneck. Also the Land Acquisition Bill will be modified so that it avoids the delays for Industries which would like set up projects based under the Act.

The above are just few decisions made by Modi sarkar in their past 100 days and we can say there are the vital decision for the growth of country. Apart from this Modi not only gave access to ministers to directly approach him but also for their secretaries and bureaucrats to ensure speedy governance which the UPA government did not any attempt to fast track things. Modi has his third eye on all the MPs and ministers and taking note of their every wrong which is resulting in bad name to the party and government. Pressure is on the ministers and bureaucrats to fulfill Modi's 100 days agenda and come up with their progress.


While the main counterpart Congress has accused Narendra Modi of being a dictator and not giving enough freedom to minister to take decisions. Congress refused to accept that Modi government is one of the fastest decision making government citing few examples.  However, these examples cannot be merely blamed on the Modi government as external factors played major role.


Quick decisions and e-governance are the main focus for Modi sarkar in the past 100 days and let's see how does their governance progresses in the next days or the so called 'acche din.'


(AW: Vamshi)

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