The other side of Pawan Kalyan

May 27, 2014 15:52
The other side of Pawan Kalyan

Generally, we make our own assumptions on others whom we hardly knew. They may be good or bad but some times, our expectations will come true in certain circumstance and they even turn tables.  Our internal behavior is hardly visible to anybody and only few people like our family or closed ones know more about us. When things and situations are not in our hands, probably that day our internal behavior comes out and people with high temper will shout and others like to stay calm.

Hrudaya Foundation member Jayadev [close relative of hero Balakrishna] has experienced a strange situation and in his words, here is a story that he posted in his Facebook.

“On my way back to Los Angeles took the first flight from Hyderabad to Dubai and as usual I was one of the last ones to enter into the flight and all the overhead bins in First class were full since it has only two rows. I see the gentleman in front of me frustrated for not having any place for his luggage and the air hostess was carrying his heavy bag to put it in the coat bin and next was my turn and I was about to give mine to her then I see a gentleman walking behind me and carrying two roller bags and lifting and putting himself in the coat bin then I felt embarrassed to give mine to air hostess so I was lifting mine and he was closer to the bin and he offered to put mine in the bin.



Today is the swear in Ceremony for Mr Modi and celebrities like Amitab Rajinikanth and Salman are attending who had little or nothing to do in this election. But this gentleman who had major impact in this election perticularly in saving of State of Andhra Pradesh opted out of the line lite and decided to spend time with his family in Paris. I have more respect to you now and Hats off to you Pawan Kalyan.”


Being the number in Tollywood, Pawan Kalyan just entered the politics hurt by division of Andhra Pradesh. Wishing for nothing, Pawan made political re-entry that stormed entire Andhra Pradesh and he created a sensation by opting out of elections. Selflessly helped two political parties, campaigned aggressively and opened a new chapter in the history of politics.


This is the other side of Pawan Kalyan.


म्रुदुलं नवनीतमीरितं नवनीतादपि सज्जनस्य ह्रुत् |


तदिदं द्रवति स्वतापनात् परतापाद्र्वते सतां पुन: ||


सुभाषित सुरद्रुमा


Mrudulam navaneeta meeritam, navaneetaa dapi sajjanasya hrut


tadida dravati svata panaath, parataa paadravate sataam punaha


Subhashita Suradruma


Butter is considered as super soft. But noble man's heart is more softer.


Butter melts when the temperature raises for itself.


But noble man's heart melt even when temperature raises for others


Meaning: A noble man worries for others problem also


(AW: Vamshi)

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