Congress should debate on Nation's interest

April 11, 2014 17:59
Congress should debate on Nation's interest

Eversince Bharatiya Janata Party's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi acknowledged that he is married, criticism from all corners is pouring down. Especially the Congress party and its vice president Rahul Gandhi are lambasting him for hiding his marital status.

Rahul Gandhi at a rally in Jammu and Kashmir took on the Gujarat CM and said, “We don't know how many elections he has fought, but for the first time he has written that he is married. In Delhi, they talk about respecting women... but his wife's name never found its way into the affidavit.” While the Gujarat Congress has appealed to the Election Commission to cancel Modi's nomination and also his state Assembly membership for providing false information in previous occasions.


But then is Modi's marital status should be discussed or Nation's issues ? Well then Congress has found a small loophole to attack Modi and earlier in the morning, it also posted former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's views on Gujarat 2002 riots in the website. Well don't know all of sudden how Congress found a love in Vajpayee. Strange!

Coming to the nation's issues, the food essentials have increased by 157 percent in the last decade and prices of vegetables have increased by 353 percent. While the petrol price was increased 34 times in the last decade and inflation flew to 13 percent [It is an all time record in UPA government]. Congress claims that it has done 90 percent of the promises that were made in 2009 but still a common man is unable to find to whom those promises were filled.



From 1999 to 2004, NDA government provided six crores employment where as from 2004 to 2009 only 30 Lakh employment was provided and from 2009 this ratio dropped by 40 percent. In 2012 in Delhi around 1899 people committed suicide and out of them 369 people are unemployed. The Rupee value is severely hit during the UPA government. In NDA government times, Rupee was fluctuating between 40 to 45 but now Rupee value dropped to 60 against dollar. In 2013, Rupee went to a close near 68 and in the same year the value depreciated by 14 percent.


When the figures are right in front of our eyes, Congress claimed that it developed the nation more than any government did. With these figures, Congress is actively campaigning, Narendra Modi's marital status became a talk of the headlines and Congress demand to reject Modi's nomination for hiding facts and ignoring women. But does anyone know that Crime on women in Delhi increased by 152 percent from 2012 ? Who should be made responsible then. 2G scam, Common Wealth Games scam, Coalgate scam, Chopper deal and blackmoney pushed the country to over three decades back and if given a chance for the third time can UPA government bring back the lost things in 60 months ? Well Rahul Gandhi also can't answer for it.


(AW: Vamshi)

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