Another Scare of Midday Meal

July 23, 2013 16:15
Another Scare of Midday Meal

This time it is a lizard that lost its life sparing the children.  

A dead lizard is found today in the food that was to be served to the children in the Government’s Midday Meal scheme in Palvai in the State of Haryana.  Children got scared at the sight of it.  

Children said that it is a normal thing for them to find an insect of some sort or other in the food.  But this time a lizard that becomes poisonous particularly when it dies in food items.  

The parents of the children in the village became furious with the news and said that they do not want any Midday meals for their children in the village.  

Schemes are always good when they are discussed, passed and put on a paper.  Only implementation creates a different scene.  Because of the corruption in all places and because of the negligence at all levels, these things do happen but do not come to light.

But as the news in Bihar school hit the news because of the death of 23 students, a scare was thrown. Then wherever a small incident occurs it is reported immediately to bring it to the main news.  After Bihar the Nayveli Tamil Nadu incident, then Goa then Chhattisgarh now Palvai in Haryana came to the front.  When something hits the news headlines, everyone tries to contribute their own side of the story to it.  It is not to find fault with the news but it is a general trend.

What is lacking in the Government schemes in India is proper implementation.  Like SC ST Sub plan announced by the Government for the strict implementation of the funds only for the welfare of the SC and STs, all other plans should be implemented to its letter and spirit to get the aspired results.


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