The Downfall?

January 08, 2013 18:21
The Downfall?

Can you imagine the anyone falling from a multistoreyed building and not surviving the fall? It is not a common occurrence but it has happened quite a few times. At times there were many physical and existent factors that broke the fall and helped the people survive but at other times it was merely fate that has rescued them  from the fall.

Here is a small collection of such events around the world where a few people got a lot luckier than a jackpot winner.

First on list is a three year old boy who fell from his apartment's window eight storeys above the ground floor in Ukraine. This incident occurred only a couple of days ago and with the snow that piled up during the past days, his free fall was broken softly. He was critically injured and is being treated in the hospital currently.

Only last year a 22 year old Australian didn't expect her adventure trip to Mozambique would take its turn for the worst. Her bungee jump failed miserably as the cord snapped sending her down to the Zambezi river which is infested with human-meat-loving crocodile.

Another person in 2010 in China, a kid too, fell 20 floors to the ground but miraculously survived the fall though nature has not intervened like the previous case. There is no explanation how the 10 year old survived the fall but he landed on a car and saved himself some damage. Made in China is not so cheap after all.

Probably Chinese have a penchant to fall from great heights, the next person on the list is a Chinese woman, 29, who jumped off the 27th floor but she managed to survive.

The most horrifying incident was one where a window cleaner fell 47 storeys from the roof of a skyscraper in Manhattan. It can't get any luckier than this, can it?

(AW- Anil)

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