The Six Best Waterfalls In India

November 01, 2017 19:05
The Six Best Waterfalls In India

The Six Best Waterfalls In India:- A great view can be offered by waterfalls. It is almost impossible to resist a visit to a nearby waterfall, for those who love to get into a flowing stream or stand under that rigorous force of water pouring down from a height. You can find the waterfalls nearby mostly if you are visiting hill stations or if you are on a trek.

In India, there are some great waterfalls. We are sure, you would like to get your feet wet or just treat your eyes with a visual spectacle by visiting these best waterfalls. During monsoon, most of these waterfalls are best visited. However, there are some that are active all through the year.  

Whenever you pan a trip to any of the destinations mentioned below, you can visit any of these waterfalls. There is indeed nothing more beautiful than watching such wonders of nature descending from such a great height.

A) Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls

(Image Source: wikimedia)

The beautiful Abbey Falls is located on the south of Madikeri, Karnataka at 90 km and 268 km from Bangalore. This waterfall is visited by travelers from all over. If you wish to witness and experience cascading waterfall from a great height, this is where you should be.

From around a height of 70 feet, the Abbey falls and the water is collected in a pond at the base. The lush greenery all around is the best part about this waterfall. For a refreshing change, many people head to watch the Abbey Falls on a weekend. During the monsoon, the water flow is much stronger and higher.

Built right opposite to the waterfalls, you will also find a hanging bridge. The waterfall is located between coffee plantations and also spice estates. You can reach Abbey waterfalls from Madikeri very easily. Reach the coffee plantations through the well maintained roads and from there there is a small trek that you need to take to reach the waterfalls.

Earlier, the Abbey falls were known as Jessi falls, as the name  was derived from a British officer’s wife.

B) Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall

This waterfall is located in Kumarakom near Kottayam in Kerala. You can be rest assured about its beauty and grandeur, because this waterfall is located in God’s own country. In five steps, the water falls and is considered as a picnic spot by many travelers. This waterfall is 30 feet high and is active only during rains.

You may be disappointed, if you are planning to visit Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall during any other season of the year, since the river dries up. So, make sure that you visit these waterfalls during monsoon, whenever in Kerala. This alluring waterfall is located in the middle of rubber plantations.

A good idea would be spending half a day at the waterfall and exploring the town and backwaters for the rest of the day. And Kumarkom is paradise for bird watchers. You will find many birds, owing to the backwaters, wetlands and also the canopies. For a better and fulfilling experience, you can also visit the Bird Sanctuary.

During monsoon or immediately after the monsoon ends, is the best time to visit this waterfall.

C) Athirappilly Falls

Athirappilly Falls

The Athirappali waterfalls is one of the best waterfalls of the state, situated in Athirappilly panchayat in Chalakudy, Kerala. This waterfall, at a height of 80 feet is an attraction that is sure to leave you spellbound. Athirappilly waterfall is also known as the ‘The Niagara of India’ and is considered as the largest waterfall in Kerala.

One of the most popular picnic spots among tourists and is located at 90 km from Kochi. This waterfall is a pure delight to the eyes, along with the Vazhachal waterfall, Charpa falls. This waterfall, like any other, is best visited during monsoon. Do no miss out on watching the forest around the waterfall that makes for a picturesque view, while you gaze at the cascading waterfalls. Rich if flora, fauna and has many endangered species.

You can also take a dip in the pond, for a little bit of adventure and you are absolutely safe, with a police camp right next to it.

D) Bhagsunag Waterfall

Bhagsunag Waterfall

(Image Source:

The Bhagsunag waterfall located in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala. This waterfall will definitely not cease to impress you, if you are a photographer or just a lover of anything that is naturally beautiful. The Bhagsunag waterfall or the Bhagsu fall falls from a height of 7112 feet.

Not only will you get to witness this amazing nature’s wonder, on your trip to McLeod Ganj, but also get to experience the village of this region. Another attraction in Bhagsu is the beautiful Shiva temple. Devotees from all over come to visit this temple.

E) Catherine Falls

Catherine Falls

(Image Source: wikimedia)

An alluring double cascaded fall that is located in Kotagiri in Tamil Nadu are the Catherine Falls, also known as Geddehaada Halla which means the Foothills Dale River. In the stunning Nilgiri Mountains, this is the second highest waterfall. The water falls from 250 height and the views are breathtaking.

Dolphin’s nose is another attraction of the region. You will get to see the whole waterfall in one glance, from this point. You have to trek and the trail, to reach this waterfall, another experience that you should have.   

F) Chadwick Falls

Chadwick Falls

(Image Source:

Located in Shimla, the Chadwick falls is also one of India’s best waterfalls. From a height of 1586 m, the alluring Chadwick falls.

The surrounding area that consists of thick forests with many pine and deodar trees, is the best part about Chadwick waterfall.

During monsoons, Chadwick waterfall is more active and for some time after that. You can also visit some really beautiful and ancient waterfalls around the waterfalls, once you are done exploring Chadwick. In April, this region also has a fair which is visited by many travelers. You can visit this waterfall at any time, from October to July, since that is when the waterfall can be witnessed in its best.


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