Six Diseases to be Prevented this Monsoon

July 25, 2019 18:05
Six Diseases to be Prevented this Monsoon

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Six Diseases to be Prevented this Monsoon:- The ongoing monsoon season in the country leaves in waterlogging and environmental change which brings many diseases. Concretisation does not prevent, nay it worsens, the development of unhygienic conditions. Here are some tips to prevent six diseases during this monsoon:


Caused by a virus, Influenza spreads from person to person through air and leaves us in nasal congestion for 4-7 days. This is majorly found during the monsoon season. All those who have doubt or having cold, cough should immediately consult a doctor. Some of these cases even lead to swine flu which is quite dangerous. All those who are treated on time would be healthy and will be away from other diseases.


Typhoid happens because of the bacterial infection called salmonellosis. It is the result of ingestion of contaminated water or food. Most of the typhoid survivors witness a relatively low heart rate, liver and spleen enlargement along with severe abdomen pain, vomiting and headache. Right medication helps them to stay away from typhoid in a week. If you are facing any above symptoms, please get a blood test and visit a doctor.

Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E:

Hepatitis is often referred to as jaundice. It is a contagious liver infection caused due to intake of food or alcohol. Fever, jaundice (yellowing of the white of the eyes, skin and dark urine colour), abdominal pain, anorexia are the symptoms. A proper medication along with some hygienic food will turn you fit.


It is primarily an occupational hazard for those in direct/indirect contact with the urine of animals. It may happen this monsoon due to the contaminated water. Pollution of city water will result in Leptospirosis. The symptoms are fever, chills, rigors, severe headache, muscle aches, jaundice, anorexia, conjunctival suffusion, arthralgia, myalgia, vomiting, diarrhea. Early treatment may shorten the duration and reduce the severity of the disease.


Dengue causes due toa virus that is transmitted by a mosquito bite. Dengue is quite common in monsoons as there will be more mosquitos during the season. Rest and fluid intake (oral rehydration) is the mainstay of treatment.


Malaria too is caused because of mosquito bites. Transmitted by the sting of a female Anopheles mosquito it comes in four forms P. vivax, P. ovale and P. malariae along with P. falciparum which can lead to cerebral malaria. Fever starts with shaking chills, lasts 15 minutes to 1 hour (cold stage), followed by high-grade fever lasting 2 to 6 hours. Get admitted to hospital at the earliest and get treated.

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