The Five Signs That You Are Ready To Have A Baby

September 18, 2017 16:24
The Five Signs That You Are Ready To Have A Baby

The Five Signs That You Are Ready To Have A Baby:- Having a baby is one of the biggest decisions of life. Since motherhood is not really an easy task, it is important to take such big decisions only after you have thought it through. In India, once a couple gets married, relatives and people around start asking questions of pregnancy.


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The most commonly heard question is, ‘Is there any good news.’ Some women succumb to the immense pressure and plan to have a baby. The only time you should have a baby is when you are ready- emotionally and physically. People might tell you that you are never really ready for this and you might as well just go ahead. Do not listen to them. If you are confused about having a baby and not sure whether you are ready or not, here are five signs that will help you understand.

Five Signs That You Are Ready To Have A Baby

1) The Thought Of Making Sacrifices For The Baby Sounds Okay To You


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If you are willing to make sacrifices and compromises for someone new in your life, then this is a sign that deep inside your heart you want to have a baby. Once you have a baby, there is a lot that you will have to compromise on. You will be with your baby most of the times and there will be a huge lifestyle change as well. If all this is okay, consider this as a sign.

2) You Love Yourself

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You cannot fully love anybody else until you love yourself. You need to be at peace with yourself and with the way you are. Only then you can focus on loving your baby.

3) You Are Ready To Give All Your Love To The Little One

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This might sound silly but this point is also one of the most important one of all. Some of us are so caught up with work or something else, that we cannot give love to anything else. Sometimes it is also because of some wounds from the past that kills our ability to give love. So ask yourself if you have the capacity to give love to a new person.

4) You Can Take Responsibilities


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When you have a baby, with joy comes a lot of responsibilities. You will have to juggle between managing your baby, household and career too (if you are working). If you are sure that you can take such huge responsibilities then maybe you are ready to expand your family.

5) You Are Doing Well Financially


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Will you be capable of providing for this new person? Considering how the costs of even basic education have gone up, you should be able to provide for the new person and still manage to live comfortably. Love alone is not enough to raise a baby. If you think you have saved up enough, then you are ready to have a baby.

Apart from all these 5 signs, what matters the most is if you are emotionally ready. If you feel strongly about having a baby and are willing to accept all that comes your way, then it is time to bring in a new life.


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