Vakeel Saab Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast & Crew

by Aravind
Vakeel Saab Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast & Crew
  • Rating:
    3.5 out of 5 (3.5/5)
  • Director:
    Venu Sriram
  • Cast:
    Pawan Kalyan, Anjali, Nivetha Thomas, Ananya Nagalla, Prakash Raj, Shruti Haasan
  • Banner:
    Sri Venkateswara Creations, Bay View Projects
  • Producer:
    Dil Raju, Sirish
  • Music:
    S. Thaman
  • Release Dt :
    Apr, 09 2021

Vakeel Saab Story

Vakeel Saab is the remake of Bollywood blockbuster film Pink and is directed by Sriram Venu. The film marks the comeback of Pawan Kalyan after three years. Vakeel Saab is all about Satyadev (Pawan Kalyan), a honest lawyer who dedicates his life to the poor and is focused on the problems of the people. He comes across three girls Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), Zareena (Anjali) and Divya (Ananya) who lead an individual life and land into a problem. Satyadev takes up their case and clashes with Nanda (Prakash Raj) who is the lawyer for their opponents. The rest of Vakeel Saab is all about who wins the battle. Watch Vakeel Saab to know about the rest.

Vakeel Saab Analysis

Vakeel Saab Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast & Crew

Vakeel Saab is an intetesting attempt that is inspired from the Bollywood film Pink. The first half of the film is slow paced and the film picks up during the pre-interval episodes and lead to the next level. The songs are good and they are placed well. The flashback episodes are quite boring and Shruti Haasan makes no impact. The film also dips down at this point of time. The first fifteen minutes of the film focuses on the lives of the three young girls. The film picks up after the arrival of Pawan Kalyan. The interval fight is outstanding and it takes Vakeel Saab to the next level. On the whole, the first half of Vakeel Saab is decent and is a feast for Pawan Kalyan's fans.

The second half of Vakeel Saab is gripping and it bets big on the courtroom episodes. Pawan Kalyan is flawless and subtle in the role of Satyadev. His performance along with the background score takes the film to the next level. The last half an hour of Vakeel Saab is the film's major highlight and the climax block takes the film to the next level. The emotional song is good. and the technical aspects are good. Anjali, Nivetha Thomas and Ananya performed well in their roles and they are the major emotional connect for the movie. The entire second half is a treat to watch and will impress the family crowds big time.


Pawan Kalyan gets a perfect comeback film with Vakeel Saab and the actor shines in the role of lawyer Satyadev. He carries the entire second half on his shoulders and his fans will be left in utmost delight. Prakash Raj gets a challenging role and he is the other highlight of the film. He confronts well in the court episodes. Anjali does a decent job as Zareena and she connected the other roles well. Nivetha Thomas gets one more challenging role as Pallavi. Ananya does a good supporting role and she performed well. Shruti Haasan gets a meaty role and she did her part well. But the episode will not appeal to the audience. All the other actors did their parts well.

Vakeel Saab is the remake of Bollywood film Pink and the film's director Sriram Venu made enough changes to suit the Telugu audience. The script is well tweaked and the screenplay, dialogues are the major highlights of Vakeel Saab. The music and background score are the assets for the film. The cinematography work and the production values make the film look colorful on screen. The editing part was good. Director Sriram Venu delivers his best work and he is highly successful in making the needed changes for Vakeel Saab.

Vakeel Saab Final Word

Vakeel Saab is a perfect comeback for Pawan Kalyan and the film lives up to the expectations. All the actors and technicians delivered their best.

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  • Vakeel Saab Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast & Crew
  • Vakeel Saab Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast & Crew