Pataas Movie Review

Pataas Movie Review
  • Rating:
    3.5 out of 5 (3.5/5)
  • Director:
    Anil Ravipudi
  • Cast:
    Kalyanram, Sruthi Sodhi, Ashutosh Rana
  • Banner:
    NTR Arts
  • Producer:
    Nandamuri Kalyanram
  • Music:
    Sai Kartheek
  • Release Dt :
    Jan, 23 2015


Kalyan [Kalyanram] is a corrupted police officer. His only aim is to take revenge against his father. Kalyan gets transferred to Hyderabad and as usual he is irresponsible about his profession. In the event of consequences, Kalyan gets to know about the true value of being a public servant and starts his fight with GK [Ashutosh Rana] who is a big goon in the city. The rest of the story is how everything ends on a happy note.


Pataas Movie Review

This is an out and out commercial film aimed for the mass audience and according to that, the makers have succeeded in delivering a potboiler. Pataas is more entertaining starting from beginning to the end. The action episodes, songs and rest of the elements are mixed well to maintain the balance. The first half is fun, tickles your tummy for sure. Songs are well filmed, composed. The second half is even more entertaining. The screenplay of the film is handled good and so the audience never feel that they are watching a regular masala flick.

It is the run time that helps the movie. The music is decent and the production values are at good standard.


Kalyanram gave his best performance till date. Pataas will definitely take Kalyanram to the masses and it is big step forward for the Nandamuri hero. Probably Kalyanram never attempted such roles but he excelled with ease as a corrupt officer. He also performed some action stunts which are choreographed well. Shruti Sodhi has very limited presence but did justice to whatever she is offered. Sai Kumar's role is a serious one and it is a cake walk for him.

Final Word

'Pataas' will definitely burst the box office. A must watch for hardcore Nandamuri fans while the regular audience can give a try.

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