Ee Varsham Sakshiga Movie Review

  • Film : Ee Varsham Sakshiga
  • Producer : B Obul Reddy, Srinivas Chavakula
  • Director : Ramana Mogili
  • Star Cast : Varun Sandesh, Hari Priya...
  • Music Director : Anil Gopireddy

Varun Sandesh has been making all efforts to score a hit at box office. Ee Varsham Sakshiga is his second film with actress Hari Priya.

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Jai [Varun Sandesh] innocuous guy and he frequently gets cheated by girls. Yet again Jai falls in love with a girl, Mahalakshmi [Hari Priya]. He decides to reveal his feelings towards Mahalakshmi and finds out about her whereabouts. Jai finally sets off to her native village and upon reaching there, he will get to know that Mahalakshmi has eloped with someone.

What next for Jai ? Will he get serious about Mahalakshmi and get back her forms the plot.

Analysis :


Firstly the director of the film should be blamed for making an outdated film. Even a class 10 standard guy will say that Tollywood has witnessed a number of films with this kind of plot. Secondly, for the lead actors for accepting the film. Screenplay might the reason for accepting but it badly disappoints. Only comedy in the first half is good and the film offers nothing new.

Performance :


It is not about the performance that Varun Sandesh should look out for, he should think out of the box and select scripts accordingly to impress the audience. Whatever he was offered, Varun did justice and nothing that great about his performance too. Hari Priya is good and provides glamour.

Final Word: Better stay at home!