The Wolverine

The Wolverine Review
  • Film : The Wolverine
  • Producer : Lauren Shuler Donner, Hugh Jackman
  • Director : James Mangold
  • Star Cast : Hugh Jackman, Hiroyuki Sanada,Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Famke Janssen, Will Yun Lee
  • Music Director : Marco Beltrami

Hugh Jackman is macho, no questions asked. The Wolverine is his 6th movie as the X-Men film series. James Mangold has directed the latest offering from X-Men, which explores the main character's immortality and how he deals with it. Japan has a significant part in the film, with several Japanese actors making their presence felt.

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Story :

The Wolverine starts off from the tail of X-Men: The Last Stand. Here, a disheveled Logan is confused and lost in the wilderness. The film is a sequel to his exploits in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. When Jean dies, Logan is lonely, suffering from nightmares of past incidents. His immortality is a bone of contention with memories of the Nagasaki bombing during 2nd world war tormenting him.

A Japanese woman finds him and makes him meet a man who Logan saved from the bombing. Yashida wants Wolverine's immortality for himself. When Logan refuses, he is caught in a fight between two Japanese families, while finding himself falling for the old man's daughter. He even loses his immortality in the process. Logan has to manage love and mortality in the midst of powerful enemies.

Analysis :

The Wolverine-review

The Wolverine is for X-Men fans. Sometimes engrossing, sometimes confusing, the film is a decent watch, with Hug Jackman taking the maximum credit. The movie shows Logan satisfyingly, as compared to the previous X-Men movies. It has more of drama than action to display the character's various nuances.

Performance :

The Wolverine-review

Hugh Jackman gives depth to the superhero character. He does full justice to the role as a troubled immortal. The Japanese actors have also put in decent performances. The love angle is shown with endearing warmth. However, the film is not gripping even though some of the action scenes are worth the time. Rest of the technicalities have average results, including editing and cinematography. There are good moments in the film that fail to fire up the flow.

Final Word:An average offering overall, The wolverine can be watched with the intention of learning more about Logan. Interesting insights into the main characters give way to a bland climax.

The Wolverine on 26th July 2013