Life on ‘Face book’!

August 30, 2011 12:06
Life on ‘Face book’!

Life on Face bookPataa nahin, what these celebs think of commenting on a micro blogging wall all about. As such the celebs are not free enough to have their own personal life, on top of that, thanks to the craze that the recent micro blogging site, ‘Face book’ has made, all the common people including celebs tens to post their daily routine, their special events, updates if any about their personal life, and some celebs in the thought of being more ‘Bold’ update all the negative side of their personal life too.

Manisha Koirala, who was one of the Top most B – Town Heroine in one ‘zamaana’, got married to a Nepalese Businessman Samrat, who happens to be her child hood friend, just a year back. Initially, Manisha seemed to be more than happy with her married life. but, it did not take much of a time for the problems to arise in her marriage. finally, recently on ‘Face Book’ Manisha updated that she is soon taking divorce from her husband. Manisha even went ahead and wrote, ‘My Husband has become my enemy. I really wish to get away from him and hope my parents would not be angry about this’. ab, bichaare maa baap, even they are angry, I am sure that Manisha hardly cares, b’cos is heroine ne toh, decision leliyaa naa. Now, Manisha or Samrat, who is responsible for the breakup of this marriage, is not known.

Why delay Manisha, feel free to update this information too!

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