6 things to know while having sex during pregnancy

October 03, 2015 16:16
6 things to know while having sex during pregnancy

Why stop your sex fantasies, when you are pregnant. You can still have it and learn know the below things before having the sex during your pregnancy.  

1. Penis cannot touch the baby

There is a myth saying that, the manhood might touch the baby in the womb, while having the sex. But there is no such theory, which proved it right. Instead your husband mistook your cervix to be your baby in the womb.  
2. Vagina sneezes

The vagina sneezes, while having the sex during the pregnancy. That is not hinting any sort of threat.
3. Bladder goes out of control

During the pregnancy, you will observe that your bladder goes out of your control, while having the sex and your man will witness all your pee on him, for no crime he committed.
4. More masturbation than usual

More than the normal, you automatically increase the masturbation and does several times in a day, during the pregnancy.

5. Doggy style in 9th month

Doggy style sex in the last month would be hilarious and a lot of giggling can be felt.  

6. Milk on the nipples

It is very common to get the milk from the nipples, while having the sex during the pregnancy.

If you can believe, sex during the pregnancy is more enjoyable, than the normal times. So, stop caring about the Pregnancy myths and continue your wild sex journey even during the pregnancy.  
By Phani Ch

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