Marriage Jokes ( Page 2 of 3 )

Luck logic in Digvijaya Singh marriage

News: Digvijaya Singh gets re-married at 64

Punch: Do not lose hope on life. Fortune may contact you, at any age  

By Phani Ch


Similarity in state assembly and marriage

News: Jagan and Naidu tough fight in the assembly

Punch: State assembly is like marriage. The intention is to fight, not to solve the problem.  
By Phanindra


Marriage finishes a man, not completes

Man is incomplete without marriage

Man gets ‘COMPLETED’ after marriage.

By Phani


Punch on Centre for delay in declaring AP special status

AP bandh

Centre: Wife fall back of husband, only when she is in need of something. So my dear protestors, see you just before 2019 elections.

By Phani


Innocent wife of Uber driver thinks this way

News: Uber driver masturbated and so arrested


If the driver had an innocent wife, then she might meet her husband in prison and says, “You love me so much that, you cannot live without thinking of me in public too.”

By Phani


Punch on Hyderabad hostels

News: Food poison in Hyderabad hostels


Same trend continues for the divorced husbands in hostels too.

By Phani


I invited foreign investors for my marriage anniversary

Official: I went to invite foreign investors

People:  Where are the investments, then?

Official: What investments?, I invited them for my marriage anniversary

By Phani


Holiday package for married employees

Male employed bachelors have a single holiday per week.

But, male, married employees have 6 days of holidays per week, lucky buddies.

By Phani


Reason behind my wife's sleepless nights

My wife is spending sleepless nights, do you know the reason behind that?

I said I'm happy

By Phani


Husband gets frightened, but never hides

Whenever my wife comes to know something about me from stranger, she thinks that I'm maintaining secrets with her.

But the thing is, I already said it, but as usual she did not listen to it. 

By Phani


Guys opinions fluctuates on Marriage

Before marriage :  Spending with wife might be a part of life

After marriage : Spending with wife is an art of life

by Phani


2 poor husbands about their horrible wives

Rahul : I feel like I'm watching a horror movie when i spend with my wife

Krishna : You are better, I feel like I'm the main actor who is targeted by the devil in that movie. 

By Phani