Freaky Looking Shark With One Spotted

October 28, 2020 16:42
Freaky Looking Shark With One Spotted

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Freaky Looking Shark With One Spotted:- The fishers pulled up two freaky-looking shark specimens in the time of Halloween. There are 500 different species of sharks that call the oceans home. These hint about the hundreds of secrets seas hold. The first one is a milky-white baby shart with a single eye that is functioning. It is cyclops which is a rare and severe form of a disorder that is called holoprosencephaly. This condition comes during the fetal development when the brain does not divide into two distinct hemispheres. This can occur in several animal species like horses, pigs, sheep, chicken and even in human beings. An albino cyclops shark made it to the international news and many people thought it was an elaborate hoax.

Mexican biologist Felipe Galvan-Magana of Mexico’s Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias del Mar examined the specimen and diagnosed it with cyclopia. This little shark did not even make it out of the womb and the fishers were surprised to find three other shark pups inside the shark's stomach. One of them looked strange with one eye and its color was like milk. Most of the people with albinism will have pale skin and hair. Any species or animal with melanocytes can get albinism.

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