Mikaela Kellner, bikini clad Swedish policewoman caught and thrashed a thief

July 30, 2016 16:59
Mikaela Kellner, bikini clad Swedish policewoman caught and thrashed a thief

Mikaela Kellner, a Swedish policewoman, was spending some quality time while off-duty with her friends in a park in Stockholm, When she got to know that one of her friends’ phone has been stolen, she immediately ran for the suspect and pinned him to the floor. The photo has caught her unawares was posted by her on her Instagram account and has gone viral.

Kellner is dressed in a bikini and can be seen slamming him to the floor with her knee as her friend helps her in the action. “My first intervention while wearing a bikini during my 11 years as a police officer. It was fun,” reads the caption.

“There was no time, so I ran after him, maybe 15 metres or so. One of my friends is also a police officer, so we got hold of him. He tried to get away so we held onto him harder,” Mikaela Kellner said.

When the women were sunbathing, this man came to sell some newspapers and magazines, the girls refused. He still lingered on. That’s when Kellner suspected something wasn’t right with the man. She told her friends to take care of their belongings. As soon as he left, one of her friends couldn’t find her phone. Kellner immediately ran towards him, beat him and arrested him.

She has been an officer for over 11 years now but it was her first time to catch a thief while wearing a bikini. “When I sat there I looked over at our other two friends who are not police officers and realised that it probably looked pretty funny. But I would have stepped in no matter my outfit,” she said.

"He tried to run away, so I had to do something to keep him down until police arrived," she said. “I never thought it should be this big [of a deal] when I put the picture on my Instagram and Facebook," Kellner said.

But I have never done this just in a bikini before. That is quite unusual." She was dismissive of the hype around her act, saying, "It's my job, this is what I do. It was an instinct."

By Premji

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