Is It Bad to Take Up Service Activity?

October 30, 2013 12:28
Is It Bad to Take Up Service Activity?

Why stones were pelted on Chiranjeevi by the very people who threw flowers on him?

Union Minister Chiranjeevi went to flood hit areas to console them and to assure them that he is by their side. When he went to Rajam in Srikakulam district, stones were pelted on him and his resignation was demanded by the irate people.

Why so much of change in the people who treated him with high respect and love and affection when he was in the cinema field?  He entertained the Telugu people with his acting talent and earned a Mega Star Status.  He wanted to go more close to the public and engage in real service by entering politics and the problems started.  His every move is criticized.  If he keeps silence it is criticized and if talks something then also it is criticized.  If he does something for the State he is blamed of wasting Government money and if he doesn’t he is still blamed.

Chiranjeevi was never blamed if his film failed at box office.  He was not blamed for acting this way and could have acted other way.

That means only his choice of leaving that peaks he achieved in the field of cinema has to be blamed that too because he chose for the service activity which is possible as it empowers adequately if one goes in to the law making field.

Leaving the heights for an ideology needs guts as one will be a beginner in the new field which usually no one likes without a strong will to do something better!   After floating Praja Rajyam Party he merged it with Congress party which too was flayed by many.  But if one takes a close look, he being a high command in his own party and leaving it to obey the orders of high command of other party needs an egoless quality.  A number of times he innocently stated that he is new to the politics and he wants to learn it.

But as a stamp of a politician is affixed on him and as he is not a person who believes in talking, he was labeled by everyone the way it suited them.  When he did not figure in the news when devastating natural calamity was at full swing, a question arose where is the Tourism Minister Chiranjeevi?  When he goes to see his own State’s people in their misery he was pelted stones!

Politicians are usually measured with their glib talk and actively figuring in the news either with some promises or the other or by criticizing other leaders.  So much of following can be seen to YS Jagan in spite of the highest scam of quid pro quo was that was charged on him.  But Chiranjeevi is not learning from any of those politicians as he wanted to learn politics in real sense.

It is very easy to throw a stone when others are doing it as it is a chance one gets without any effort to show valor.  But if one thinks in a different way from others then the positive side of it is seen.

Baba Ramdev was adored and no politician talked anything against him as long as he was limited himself to the activity of Yoga.  Once he talked about the politics he was taken to the task. YS Jagan was a happy businessman as long as he did not come to active politics.  A Meditation Master Subash Patri was a Guru and left alone to do the activities he liked till a political party was announced and a CM candidate of that party was introduced to the public in the Meditation camp at Kadtal.  Even Anna Hazare with all his selfless motives was attacked by the politicians and media when he challenged the political decisions of the Union Government.  His past records were dug up to get something against him!

So it is only entering political activity that makes a difference in the image of a man!


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