Meditation Can Keep You Healthy

January 12, 2011 15:27
Meditation Can Keep You Healthy

Studies have proven that meditation can decrease blood pressure and improve breathing just   because the Best tip of the day, yoga and meditation tips for all. yoga and meditation tipsbody is in a naturally relaxed state. 

There are all kinds of images that come to many people’s minds when they hear the word   'meditation' 

For some it conjures up images of faraway monks sitting in silence. It may make you   picture someone sitting in the lotus position (legs crossed with feet resting on top of   the knees), humming or repeating a series of cantrips. 

However the reality is that meditation is an approach that anyone can use at any time to   help cope with the world around them. 

Whichever type of meditation you prefer (Zen, Taoist, Buddhist, etc.), the ultimate goal   is to free your mind from stress through quiet thought and reflection. 

Christians can practise meditation too 

If you are a Christian and are wary of the spiritual implicaitons of meditating, remember   that Jesus meditated all night before He was crucified and that prayer is described as   'talking' to God, whereas meditation is 'listening' to God. Only when your mind is still,   are you able to hear what God is trying to tell you. 

Meditation puts the body in a naturally relaxed state 

Most people know that if you are extremely stressed out, you are probably experiencing all   kinds of physical and mental ailments so it should be no surprise that people who meditate   have much lower stress levels which will, naturally, result in feeling healthier. 

Neuroscientists have found that people who meditate have fewer brain waves in the right   frontal area which is where feelings of stress are produced and have more activity in the   left front area which is much calmer. Their brains are better able to cope with stress,   depression, and even fear and anxiety. 

Because meditation reduces blood pressure, it allows people with heart problems to   exercise a bit more which in turn works to get the heart and body back into shape. Reduced   blood pressure also frequently lessens the tendency to suffer from headaches and   migraines. 

Meditation may also help to enhance the body’s immune system 

Some research has indicated increased levels of 'fighter' blood cells which work to attack   harmful bacteria and cancer cells in the body. This can also help with post-operative   healing by enabling the body to better protect itself against infection. 

Many asthma sufferers have reported that using meditation techniques when they feel an   attack coming on has enabled them to obtain more freedom from inhalers and steroids. 

But the benefits of meditation aren’t limited to just the physical realm 

There are also psychological benefits to utilizing this relaxation technique. People who   meditate regularly are less prone to feelings of fear, anxiety, irritability, and   depression. 

During the meditation session participants feel calmer and less worried about the   stressors in their lives which promotes feelings of self-satisfaction and well-being. Most   people who meditate on a regular basis report feeling happier, more emotionally stable,   and even more creative as a result. They feel they’re better able to cope with life’s   little irritations. 

Quite frequently meditation leads to a shift towards more personal and spiritual growth 

This may be due to the fact that meditation requires the person to focus inward on their   own thoughts and actions which then leads to a more global awareness of how our actions   impact those around us.  As you can see, meditation has more than one health benefit. Even better is the fact that   you don’t need any fancy clothing, gear, or gym memberships. All you need is a little bit   of time to sit and just be.

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