Messy kids?

October 18, 2011 17:22
Messy kids?

MotherKidWell, this is a life time problem for every mother. When we see the history, there is no single kid, who has a track record of being calm, cool, matured to their age, which eat and sleep on time, eat healthy without any mess, do their work and keep their things clean…

In short, finding a kid with these kindsof qualities is next to impossible. And moreover, if a kid possesses the above mentioned behavior, either your kid is super natural or there is something wrong in him…

Because, kids and kids yaar… they are being loved to behave naughty, a bit immature and more matured in either cases, irresponsible and responsible in n number of situations, caring and care less, calm and naughtiest, in short, they are messy…

So, to deal with ‘messy’ kids,

first and foremost, you need to be patient… whatever happens, either worst or even more than that, do not react eventually. Just understand that like us, even our kids would make mistakes, and many un knowingly… so, what is the point in scolding them and hurting their heart, that is as similar to a flower? So, think how to make your kids understand what they have done, and how that can play a negative effect on them, rather than just scolding them and making them go away from you, even if they do not want to…

It is a tough task to make the kids understand, the importance of learning quality education, keeping their stuff clean, being responsible to take care of their own selves, and so on. Only thing is that, you need to make them understand. Just be their friend, make them feel comfortable with you, let them feel free to discuss the same with you, and then you and your kids would share a very good rapport.

Understanding the kids, sharing a good and healthy relationship with them, inculcating that values in them, overall transforming them to a proper, well behaved individual, all this is a journey for life time. Each day, you will learn, make mistakes; learn again… it is not only kids, but also you who will make a mistake in understanding them…

Confusions and mistakes are a part of life, so, accept them, and learn towards teaching your kids better.

This is not an exam or a game to relax, at the end of each day. Each day, a new task with your kids. So, get geared up to a lifelong challenge… as it is proven that kids are a challenge!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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