Damage air pollution does, to women with diabetes!

November 27, 2015 16:39
Damage air pollution does, to women with diabetes!

Based on the recent research conducted nationwide, to determine the factors, that make people vulnerable, to long-term exposure to air pollution, the following facts are found.
When the data was compiled between 1989 and 2006, it was discovered that women who have type 2 diabetes, would have a scope for developing heart problems, following prolonged exposure to the air pollution.

The research even stated that, the ratio is comparatively very less, when it is compared with the women, who do not have diabetes. The risk is much higher for 70+ women, having obesity.  

Jaime E. Hart, Sc.D., an epidemiologist at the Department of Environmental Health at Harvard Chan School, said, “We didn't expect diabetes to be the strongest factor in determining susceptibility.”

“We looked at age, family history of cardiovascular disease, weight, smoking status and region of the country but diabetes was the most consistent across diseases and across different size fractions of particulate matter.”

“Continuing to identify subgroups that are most susceptible to the effects of air pollution is critically important for setting pollution standards and regulations so that those who are most vulnerable can be protected.”

“Individuals, especially those who may be at greater risk, can also take precautions to help limit their exposure. And we would always recommend that individuals don't smoke, eat a healthy diet, and get regular exercise to reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease.”

If the above case is for women, the researchers are now keen finding about the effects of air pollution in men, having diabetes.
By Phani Ch

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