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    Narendra Modi Responds To KCR's Request 18 June 2020

    Narendra Modi Responds To KCR's Request:- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the Chief Ministers of Indian states for two days and collected the feedback from them on the coronavirus row. Telangana Chief Minister KCR interacted with Modi yesterday...

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    foreign devotee of Baba, health of Sai Baba, govt may appoint its nominee on sai trust, Unlock 3 0

    Govt may appoint its nominee on Sai Trust 24 June 2011

    In the wake of media reports that the members of the Satya Sai Baba Central Trust have resorted to diversion of Sai wealth following the confiscation of Rs.35 lakh from the employees of the Trust member Srinivasan, the government is...

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    death of Sai Baba, Srinivasan, govt to withdraw sai trust exemptions, Unlock 3 0

    Govt to withdraw Sai trust exemptions 23 June 2011

    The state government is reportedly mulling withdrawal of some of the exemptions given to the Satya Sai Central Trust in view of the allegations the trust members are facing. The government has sought a report from the trust members on...

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    Coronavirus, Coronavirus India, centre issues unlock 3 0 guidelines, Unlock 3 0

    Centre Issues Unlock 3.0 Guidelines 29 July 2020

    Centre Issues Unlock 3.0 Guidelines:- The arrival of coronavirus pandemic left tragedy across the country. The Centre wanted to offer some more relaxations but with the huge rise in the number of coronavirus cases, the Centre continued to impose restrictions....

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    Unlock 5.0 news, India, unlock 5 0 centre grants complete relaxations, Unlock 3 0

    Unlock 5.0: Centre Grants Complete Relaxations 01 October 2020

    Unlock 5.0: Centre Grants Complete Relaxations:- After the attack of coronavirus pandemic, the entire country was under lockdown. The Centre issued stage wise relaxations for the people of the country. With the availability of daily essentials available, soon the Centre...

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    India lockdown, Unlock 2.0, centre announces lockdown extension till july 31st, Unlock 3 0

    Centre Announces Lockdown Extension Till July 31st 30 June 2020

    Centre Announces Lockdown Extension Till July 31st:- Terming it as Unlock 2.0, the Centre announced that the lockdown will be extended till July 31st in the country with relaxations in some of the regions. Strict lockdown will be implemented in...

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    coke zero, unlock the 007 in you, coke bring out the bond in you, Unlock 3 0

    Coke: Bring out the ''Bond'' in you 20 October 2012

    Coke and the Bond enterprise have collaborated ingeniously to promote their own brainchilds in a completely novel way. The next Bond movie is all set to release soon and their promotions have been the talk of the town already. In...

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    Telangana unlock 1.0, Telangana SOPs news, unlock 1 0 guidelines in telangana are here, Unlock 3 0

    Unlock 1.0 Guidelines In Telangana Are Here 08 June 2020

    Unlock 1.0 Guidelines In Telangana Are Here:- Telangana had a good control over the number of coronavirus when the spread started in the country. The lockdown was strict and once the relaxations are issued, the number of cases started increasing....

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    Coronavirus, Coronavirus India, unlock 5 0 guidelines to continue in the country till november 30th, Unlock 3 0

    Unlock 5.0 Guidelines to Continue in the Country till November 30th 27 October 2020

    Unlock 5.0 Guidelines to Continue in the Country till November 30th:- The cases of coronavirus are slowly coming to a control and the Centre issued Unlock 5.0 guidelines last month which will end this month. The Ministry of Home Affairs...

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    Reliance Industries, Kumar Mangalam Birla, butter chicken caused fear to birla s global expose, Unlock 3 0

    Butter Chicken caused fear to Birla's global expose 21 January 2014

    India's business tycoon Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of Aditya Birla Group has faced a severe challenge in expanding his business globally. But this challenge came in the form of serving non-veg at Birla's canteen as they belong to the Marwari...

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    illegal ferrying of Sai wealth, Yajurmandiram, trust member ratnakar asked to declare assets, Unlock 3 0

    Trust member Ratnakar asked to declare assets 23 June 2011

    In a major development concerning the Satya Sai Central Trust, the Ananthapuram district police today asked Mr RJ Ratnakar, the trust member and nephew of the late spiritual master Sai Baba to disclose his properties on or before Saturday.Speaking to...

    Keywords: Satya Sai Central Trust, illegal ferrying of Sai wealth, illegal diversion of Sai wealth, R.J. Ratnakar

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    Unlock 4.0 AP new updates, Unlock 4.0 AP latest update, andhra pradesh issues unlock 4 0 guidelines, Unlock 3 0

    Andhra Pradesh Issues Unlock 4.0 Guidelines 07 September 2020

    Andhra Pradesh Issues Unlock 4.0 Guidelines:- The spread of coronavirus is unstoppable in the country and Andhra Pradesh is the second most impacted state in the country after Maharashtra. The government of Andhra Pradesh released the guidelines of Unlock 4.0...

    Keywords: Unlock 4.0 AP, Coronavirus in Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh Government, Unlock 4.0 AP coronavirus

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    R.J. Ratnakar, spiritual guru Sai Baba, seized cash sent by srinivasan pradhan, Unlock 3 0

    Seized cash sent by Srinivasan: Pradhan 23 June 2011

    The chief security officer of the Prashanthy Nilayam at Puttaparthy Mr Pradhan claimed today that the vehicle from which the Rs.35 lakh was seized by police at Kodikonda check-post under Chilamanthur Police station limits bordering Karnataka on June 18 belonged...

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    Sai devotees, Sai Baba, sai chamber worked like mini swiss bank, Unlock 3 0

    Sai chamber worked like mini Swiss Bank 23 June 2011

    The developments unfolding after the opening up of the Sai Baba’s Yajurmandiram have proved the assertion of the Satya Sai Central Trust members that the Trust has always accepted donations through cheqeus is a mere lie. In fact, the Yajurmandiram operated...

    Keywords: Isaac Tigrett, wealth in Yajurmandiram, Justice Bhagavathi, Chief security officer of the Satya Sai Central Trust

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    AP Unlock 5.0, AP Unlock 5.0 in October, ap government announces guidelines for unlock 5 0, Unlock 3 0

    AP Government Announces Guidelines For Unlock 5.0 05 October 2020

    AP Government Announces Guidelines For Unlock 5.0:- The Centre issued the guidelines of Unlock 5.0 and asked the state governments to take the final call on the rules to be implemented depending on the situations. AP Government granted permission to...

    Keywords: AP Unlock 5.0 rules, AP Unlock 5.0 schools, AP Unlock 5.0 rules, AP Unlock 5.0 relaxations

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    Schools and colleges news, Schools and colleges Unlock 4.0, schools and colleges in india reopen partially today, Unlock 3 0

    Schools and Colleges in India Reopen Partially Today 21 September 2020

    Schools and Colleges in India Reopen Partially Today:- The schools, colleges and other educational institutions across the country are shut from March ever since the coronavirus pandemic attacked the nation. The Centre as a part of Unlock 4.0 and it...

    Keywords: Schools and colleges updates, Schools and colleges guidelines, Schools and colleges rules, Schools and colleges news

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    illegal ferrying of Sai wealth, Mr Pradhan, sai trust member srinivasan seeks time, Unlock 3 0

    Sai trust member Srinivasan seeks time 24 June 2011

    Satya Sai Central Trust member Mr. Srinivasan, who was served with notices by the Ananthapuram police in connection with the Rs.35 lakh cash seized from his vehicle, has sought time till Monday to appear before them. It is however not...

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    foreign devotee of Baba, Sai devotees, satyajit denies role in baba s health failure, Unlock 3 0

    Satyajit denies role in Baba’s health failure 24 June 2011

    Speaking for the first time after his name surfaced in the controversy surrounding the sickness of the late Sri Satya Sai Baba before his hospitalization, Baba’s personal attendant Mr Satyajit said today that he was not in any way responsible...

    Keywords: WS industries, illegal ferrying of Sai wealth, WS industries, Sai wealth

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    Unlock 4.0, Unlock 4.0 new rules, centre issues guidelines for unlock 4 0, Unlock 3 0

    Centre Issues Guidelines For Unlock 4.0 29 August 2020

    Centre Issues Guidelines For Unlock 4.0:- The coronavirus spread and the new cases have been spreading like wildfire. The cases are now all over the country. The Ministry of Home Affairs announced guidelines for Unlock 4.0 after the Unlock 3.0...

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    Unlock 3.0 news, Coronavirus, centre s unlock 3 0 some more freedom in the country, Unlock 3 0

    Centre's Unlock 3.0: Some more freedom in the country 27 July 2020

    Centre's Unlock 3.0: Some more freedom in the country:- After a 45 days of strict lockdown in the country, the Centre announced relaxations slowly. After unlock 1.0, the unlock 2.0 is announced and it is currently imposed. The unlock 2.0...

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