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  • Coronavirus, Tollywood Coronavirus crisis, tollywood film producers are extremely puzzled, Telugu producers

    Tollywood Film Producers Are Extremely Puzzled 14 April 2020

    Tollywood Film Producers Are Extremely Puzzled:- With the coronavirus wave creating tremors across the globe, the entire world is shut. The film industry is badly impacted along with others and several filmmakers are left worried about their next possible moves....

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    Telugu OTT deals news, Telugu OTT deals updates, tollywood issues strict deadline for ott release, Telugu producers

    Tollywood Issues Strict Deadline For OTT Release 29 June 2022

    Tollywood Issues Strict Deadline For OTT Release:- The Tollywood producers have been selling off the OTT rights for massive prices and the digital platforms have been demanding an early streaming date. Going with the deals, the producers of the recent...

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