• how to prepare Fritto Misto, healthy snack recipes, recipe fritto misto, Snacks

    Recipe: Fritto Misto 31 July 2015

    Fritto Misto is a type of pakora recipe made of host vegetables bathed in flour and fried to perfection. Prepare this golden snack recipe at your home and enjoy its delicious taste. Ingredients:    8-10 mushrooms, stems removed1 small green zucchini,...

    Keywords: monsoon snack recipes, healthy snack recipes, simple preparation of Fritto Misto, how to prepare Fritto Misto

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    Protein Laddoos as snacks, Protein Laddoos, recipe for protein laddoos that keeps you energetic, Snacks

    Recipe for Protein Laddoos that keeps you energetic 03 March 2021

    Recipe for Protein Laddoos that keeps you energetic:- It is always advisable to have some snacks if you are worn out and feel tired. These snacks get back the energy levels. Instead of tasting some unhealthy snacks, it is always...

    Keywords: Protein Laddoos recipe, Protein Laddoos as snacks, Protein Laddoos pictures, Protein Laddoos latest

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    healthy snack recipes, how to prepare Broccoli tikki, recipe healthy broccoli tikki, Snacks

    Recipe: Healthy Broccoli Tikki 07 July 2015

    Broccoli is one of the healthy leafy vegetable. It is loaded with dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and phyto-chemicals. If you are interested to take healthy snack during tea time, try this Broccoli Tikki at your home and enjoy its...

    Keywords: healthy snack Broccoli tikki, how to prepare Broccoli tikki, Broccoli snacks, healthy snack Broccoli tikki

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    Tasty Corn and Rice Balls Recipe, Rice Balls Recipe Easy, tasty corn and rice balls recipe, Snacks

    Tasty Corn and Rice Balls Recipe 15 June 2017

    Tasty Corn and Rice Balls Recipe:- There are many interesting ways to make with cooked rice and corns. These Corn and Rice are tasty and an innovative starter for your parties. This rice balls can also be served with a...

    Keywords: Rice Balls Recipe Easy, Rice Balls Recipe Easy, Baked Rice Balls, Rice Balls Recipe Easy

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    Recipe, Sweet Potato Tikkis, sweet potato tikkis recipe, Snacks

    Sweet Potato Tikkis Recipe 18 October 2016

    Tikkis made of baked sweet potatoes, yams and potatoes, mixed in with seasoning and fried crisp.Prep Time- 1 Hr 20 minServing- 4 Ingredients 1/2 sweet potato1/2 yam/ sooran125 gms baked potatoes3/4 tsp roasted garam masala powder1/2 tsp roasted cumin powder1...

    Keywords: Sweet Potato Tikkis, Recipe, Recipe, Sweet Potato Tikkis

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    Chakli Recipe Gujarati, Bhajani Chakli Recipe, crispy chakli recipe, Snacks

    Crispy Chakli Recipe 18 April 2017

    Chakli is a popular snack all throughout India. Chakli is a crispy and delicious snack that is prepared on festivals. It is perfect with a hot cup of tea. Let’s follow the recipe. Preparation Time: 5 min; Cooking Time: 45...

    Keywords: Crispy Chakli Recipe, Crispy Chakli Recipe, Crispy Chakli Recipe, Crispy Chakli Recipe

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    Morning food latest, food for metabolism, consume these foods in the morning for metabolism, Snacks

    Consume These Foods in the Morning for Metabolism 04 August 2020

    Consume These Foods in the Morning for Metabolism:- Most of them are still confused about taking the best meal in the morning. Some of them prefer soaked almonds and some of them take a cup of tea or coffee to...

    Keywords: Morning food updates, Morning food latest, Morning food new updates, Morning food new updates

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    Late night snacks for health, Late-night food, late night food that helps in weight loss, Snacks

    Late-night food that helps in weight loss 29 April 2021

    Late-night food that helps in weight loss:- All the people who are on diet tend to have light food during the nights and they prefer to stay away from rice and heavy food. It is always important to have a...

    Keywords: Late-night food list, five Late-night foods, Late night snacks for health, Late-night food news

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    how to prepare egg less cakes, how to prepare tasty cakes, recipe eggless marble cake, Snacks

    Recipe: Eggless marble cake 27 July 2015

    Nothing can compete with the rich, buttery flavour of the homemade pound cake recipe. Try this eggless cake at your home and enjoy its delicious taste with your family members. Cooking Time: 45 minutes Ingredients 150 gm butter 150 gm...

    Keywords: homemade cake recipes, how to prepare tasty cakes, homemade eggless cake preparation, simple egg less cake recipes

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    fish kebabs, preparation of Pesto Fish Kebabs, recipe pesto fish kebabs, Snacks

    Recipe: Pesto Fish Kebabs 11 August 2015

    Pesto Fish Kebabs is a delicious snack loved by most of us. By following the simple method of preparation mentioned below, prepare this delicious snack at your home and enjoy its taste. Ingredients:  1/2 pounds king fish, cut into 1-inch...

    Keywords: how to prepare Pesto Fish Kebabs, delicious Indian snack recipes, fish snacks, simple snack recipes

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    nutritional food, snacks, health now and before where we are going wrong, Snacks

    Health now and before, where we are going wrong 11 July 2013

    Maintaining good health now is seemingly harder than before. Something somewhere is amiss. During the times of our grandmother and grandfather, they ate differently. Foods were more natural and wholesome. These days, our generation is exposed to high sugary food....

    Keywords: good food, good food, Mahesh Babu, fit body

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    Indian food recipes, Indian snacks recipes, moong dal salad recipe, Snacks

    Moong Dal Salad recipe 22 April 2016

    Moong Dal Salad is the best food, you can cook for the very rare guests. They would no more be rare, if you have offered the perfect salad, after going through the recipe below.  Serves 4 Ingredients - 200g moong...

    Keywords: Indian food recipes, Moong dal salad recipe, Indian food recipes, Indian snacks recipes

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    fruit desserts, how to prepare anaar raita recipe, preparation of anaar raita, Snacks

    Preparation of Anaar Raita 29 April 2015

    Pomegranate is one of the healthy fruit, rich in antioxidants. It promotes many health benefits to a human body by lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, melts heart blockages etc. Apart from eating raw, it can also be consumed in a different...

    Keywords: preparation of pomegranate raita, pomegranate snacks, awesome fruit raitas, awesome fruit raitas

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    zero oil snacks, tasty snacks preparation, yummy zero oil snacks, Snacks

    Yummy Zero oil snacks 30 March 2015

    With the negative impact of oil on health, everyone is trying to consume less oil in food. Even experts suggest that to avoid risks associated with high fat content in oils. Usually Indian food recipes contain high oil content but...

    Keywords: avoid junk food, zero oil snacks, avoid junk food, easy snacks preparation

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    Colocasia leaves rolls news, Crispy fried colocasia leaves rolls, yummy food crispy fried colocasia leaves rolls, Snacks

    Yummy Food: Crispy Fried Colocasia Leaves Rolls 09 July 2019

    Yummy Food: Crispy Fried Colocasia Leaves Rolls:- Colocasia leaves are very tasty and nutritious. Crispy fried Colocasia leaves rolls is a famous snack across Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is made with a sweet paste of besan with sweet, spicy, sour...

    Keywords: Colocasia leaves rolls, Colocasia leaves, Colocasia leaves rolls news, Colocasia leaves updates

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    chocolate snacks, Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches preparation, recipe preparation of chocolate cookie sandwiches, Snacks

    Recipe: Preparation of Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches 19 May 2015

    Chocolate recipes are one of the most favourite items to most of us irrespective of age. Most classic cookie recipes are available, but if you are interested to try new recipes by using chocolates, here is the preparation of delicious...

    Keywords: chocolate recipes, chocolate recipes, Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches preparation, chocolate snacks

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    food, snacks, fried mozzarella cheese sticks recipe, Snacks

    Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Recipe 03 August 2016

    Are guest coming for house party? You don’t know what to make? Then try this easy fried Mozzarella cheese sticks. This is a good option for starter as well as snacksPREP TIME: 30 MINSERVING: 8 INGREDIENTS 2 Eggs, beaten ¼...

    Keywords: Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, food, Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

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    Homemade Snacks Recipes, Homemade Snacks Recipes, paneer potato and corn balls recipe, Snacks

    Paneer, Potato, and Corn Balls Recipe 12 November 2018

    Paneer, Potato, and Corn Balls Recipe:- Paneer, Potato, and Corn Balls is an amazing, tasty, and mouth-watering taste and it is a hit dish at any parties. These balls can be easily made with available ingredients in your home. These...

    Keywords: Potato, Paneer, Potato, Potato

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    Kala chana salad healthy, Kala chana salad latest, try this fiber rich kala chana salad or evening snacks, Snacks

    Try This Fiber-Rich Kala Chana Salad or Evening Snacks 14 July 2020

    Try This Fiber-Rich Kala Chana Salad or Evening Snacks:- To have a good health, one should try having a healthy diet and should cut down on sugar and fried foods. To prevent unwanted cravings, try some healthy snacks at home....

    Keywords: Kala chana salad latest, Kala chana salad latest, Kala chana salad updates, Kala chana salad process

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    Ban, US FDA, u s fda bans several indian snacks, Snacks

    U.S. FDA bans several Indian snacks 12 June 2015

    Compared to the other countries, more snack imports are rejected from India than any other country in the first five months of 2015, data on the website of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration showed.More than half of all the...

    Keywords: Maggi, Ban, Maggi, Ban

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