• Central Dharmic Advisory Council, spiritual books, ttd to set up hindu spiritual libraries, Libra

    TTD to set up Hindu spiritual libraries 16 November 2011

    All districts in AP will shortly be equipped with spiritual libraries thanks to the TTD Administration. The TTD Trust Board has decided to set up spiritual libraries in district headquarters across the state to make the spiritual books accessible to...

    Keywords: spiritual books, Hindu spiritual libraries, IAS officer J Rambabu, IAS officer J Rambabu

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    converted, converted, anna centenary library to be converted into hospital, Libra

    Anna Centenary Library to be converted into hospital 03 November 2011

    According to a government release issued on Wednesday, The Anna Centenary Library, South Asia's largest library with a collection of more than 5.5 lakh books will soon be converted into a super-specialty hospital for children. The ACL, built at a cost...

    Keywords: AIADMK, Centenary, converted, DMK

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    ou student, ou suicide, student hangs himself in ou, Libra

    Student hangs himself in OU 01 May 2013

    In a shocking incident, a student of Osmania University, hung himself from a tree behind the main library building and committed suicide. It is expected that the event could have occurred at night. The police who learnt the news after...

    Keywords: ou student, ou student suicide, ou suicide, library

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    library, library, ny library book returned after 55 years, Libra

    NY library book returned after 55 years! 06 February 2013

    After having a  long overdue, finally the book has been returned to the New York Public Library after a period of 55 years.   According to the Daily News, the biography of a 16-century priest called “Fire of Francis Xavier”...

    Keywords: library, Jennifer Zarr, library, book returned.

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    allowance on toy donations, Fond Du Lac library, 5 year old spends all his allowance on toy donations, Libra

    5 year old spends all his allowance on toy donations 30 November 2011

    The five years Old kid took a trip to the Fond Du Lac library while visiting his grandma in Wisconsin.He hit up the play-area, naturally, and was pleased to find a mat printed with a town road map-perfect for sending...

    Keywords: allowance on toy donations, Grandma, permanent collection, Grandma

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    Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, C.P. Brown Memorial Library, janumaddi hanumath sastry selected for lok nayak literary award, Libra

    Janumaddi Hanumath Sastry selected for Lok Nayak Literary Award 24 November 2011

    Well known linguist and Telugu writer Mr. Janumaddi Hanumath Sastry, a retired lecturer in English in Kadapa, was selected for the Lok Nayak Foundation Literary Award for the year 2010-2011. Mr. Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, Chairman of the Foundation, announced this...

    Keywords: Janumaddi Hanumath Sastry, Lok Nayak Foundation Literary Award, Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad

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    reading books, magazine, libraries are treasure troves left by our ancestors, Libra

    Libraries are treasure-troves left by our ancestors 21 January 2013

    Libraries are treasure-troves left by our ancestors. Ruskin compares books to king's treasures in his famous book "Sesame and Lilies". In books are to be found riches beyond the price of golds or rubies because the books are treasured up...

    Keywords: ancestor, libraries, interest, interest

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    mostly very exiting place at   Water, mostly very exiting place at   Water, 5 innovative places to have love, Libra

    5 Innovative places to have love 13 October 2012

     Whose love life (not sex life-yes, they are two different things altogether!) doesn't need a makeover? Well, maybe not a makeover exactly, but a whiff of romance and of course, all that kissing. If you are bored of making out...

    Keywords: , Innovative places to have love, water tank, beach

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    archive, library, national meet on managing media libraries and archives in new delhi, Libra

    National meet on Managing Media Libraries and Archives in New Delhi... 28 January 2013

    A two-day national conference organised by the Association of Media Libraries and Archives (AMLA), in association with the Central Library, New Delhi and UNESCO, will begin here on February 4, which will focus on the theme of ‘Managing Media Libraries...

    Keywords: digitisation, library, workshop., new delhi

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    Happy New Year, Farah Khan, happy new year script in oscar library, Libra

    Happy New Year script in Oscar library 17 November 2014

    Bollywood's King Khan, Shah Rukh's 'Happy New Year' film has achieved one more milestone. After minting huge money at box office, now the film's script has been included in the prestigious Oscar library and SRK's third film over all. The...

    Keywords: Oscar Library, Devdas, Devdas, Oscar Library

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    computers at library, computerized library, e library in guntur, Libra

    E library in Guntur 12 July 2012

    An e-library was inaugurated in Guntur on Thursday by minister Kanna Lakshminarayana. This happens to be the first of its kind library in the state. The library was set up with an estimated cost of Rs. 12 lakh. The e-library...

    Keywords: computerized library, Kanna Lakshminarayana, computers at library, computers at library

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    Cricket news, Cricket news, mcl sourav ganguly as libra legends captain, Libra

    MCL: Sourav Ganguly as Libra Legends captain 13 January 2016

    In the upcoming Masters Champions League (MCL), former Indian captain, Sourav Ganguly is announced as the captain and ambassador of Libra Legends. The match is going to be held in Dubai and Sharjah from January 28th to February 13th. Ganguly...

    Keywords: MCL, MCL, Cricket news, Ganguly captain Libra Legends

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    Brigade road area, Take a book, little free library a heaven for bookworms, Libra

    Little Free Library–A heaven for bookworms 16 July 2012

    Book worms, pack your lunch and head out to the Brigade road area, Mahatma Gandhi Road. You may find a book that you have been longing to read but haven't found it anywhere. Wait, that is not it. You get...

    Keywords: Take a book, bibiliophiles, Brigade road area, Take a book

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    Facebook, Facebook updates, facebook not ready to launch its digital coin libra, Libra

    Facebook not Ready to Launch its Digital Coin Libra 16 July 2019

    Facebook not Ready to Launch its Digital Coin Libra:- Facebook is not ready to launch its digital coin Libra till all the regulators are completely satisfied. They will do it once all the approvals are cleared. Under Facebook subsidiary Calibra,...

    Keywords: Facebook latest, Facebook libra, Facebook latest, Libra

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    Sonny Ramaswamay, more Indian Americans serving, two more indian americans to key jobs obama, Libra

    Two more Indian Americans to key jobs: Obama 10 March 2012

    President Barack Obama, who with over two dozen appointments has more Indian Americans serving in White House jobs than in any previous administration, has named two more to key posts. While Indore educated Paula Gangopadhyay was named member, National Museum...

    Keywords: President Barack Obama, Sonny Ramaswamay, Sonny Ramaswamay, Sonny Ramaswamay

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    Lezlie chusinodiki chusinantha, Lezlie chusinodiki chusinantha, lezlie tripathy a library of various talents, Libra

    Lezlie Tripathy- A library of various talents 10 August 2015

    Lezlie Tripathy. Watching her eyes can kill our vision, letting her into the dreams, might not make us wake up. I cannot say more than this, as she already struck into my sight. Getting into the details, Lezlie is not...

    Keywords: Lezlie chusinodiki chusinantha, Lezlie chusinodiki chusinantha, Lezlie chusinodiki chusinantha, Lezlie Tripathy

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    funny videos, prank videos, prank loud eating in library, Libra

    Prank: Loud eating in library 28 October 2015

    Even the noisy and naughty people would be calm in the silent places like libraries, with no option left. The reason behind this is, to avoid unnecessary weird and irritating looks of the other people, who get disturbed with the...

    Keywords: funny videos, viral videos, funny videos, viral videos

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    Ganta Srinivasa Rao, library director, media fears mighty politicians, Libra

    Media fears mighty politicians? 26 April 2013

    Corruption in politics is not unknown. Mismanagement and misappropriation of funds is not unknown, using power and authority to seize lands is not unknown but the ones who are punished are not the major minds behind these. The ones who...

    Keywords: state library department, library director, Pratyusha shipping company, state library department

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    jahangir shah, bahadur shah ii, mughal era treasures in uk exhibition, Libra

    Mughal Era treasures in UK exhibition 29 October 2012

    Several treasures which belonged to the Mughal era, of great historical importance to India such as the gem-studded crown donned by Bahadur Shah II, the last emperor of the Mughal Dynasty that ruled India for more than two decades, would...

    Keywords: telegraph, mughal era, jahangir shah, illustrated manuscripts

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    Parliament security, Parliament security, parliament house library visited by a monkey, Libra

    Parliament House library visited by a monkey 29 July 2016

    A monkey has found its way into the reading room meant for MPs and journalists. It roamed around the reading room for half an hour. It jumped on the tables and climbed up electrical wires in the gallery area and...

    Keywords: Parliament security, Parliament Central Hall, Parliament Central Hall, Parliament security

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